Lyrics: Mother Mary Pray for Me by Aaron Thompson

During this month of May, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity feature ‘Mother Mary Pray for Me’ by Aaron Thompson.

Nearer to God

Because he nursed at your breast

Your soul proclaims his greatness

His name his holiness

God give you grace

Made you mother to me

Woman behold your son

Were his words of Calvary

Mary, Mary, Mary

Pray for me

Mary, Mary, Mary

Pray for me.

Gentle lady

Blessed fruit of your womb

When Christ came from your temple

And resurrected from the tomb

Young Jewish maiden you are here born again

There’s a tree in garden reveals savior and friend.

Mary, Mary, Mary

Pray for me

Mary, Mary, Mary

Pray for me.

Holy Mary, you are mother of God

All generations call you blessed one

Pray for us sinners as we struggle and moan

Lead us to Jesus

Because he knows his own

When I’m sad and I wanna cry

When I doubt and I wonder why.

When I need more strength to try

Pray for me

I’m a child will you hold my hand

When I’m old will you help me stand

Lead me to your son again

Pray for me

Mother Mary

Sweet Mary

Pray for me

4 thoughts on “Lyrics: Mother Mary Pray for Me by Aaron Thompson”

  1. Sister Rochelle says:

    I really like the lyrics of this song and the sweet sound that this vocalist brings to us: soft, gentle,with a hint of soothing jazz-like melody! 

    Thanks for sharing this rendition during the month of  May since this is one of the months that is dedicated to honor Mary in a special way.  I like the way that the song touches on the various ages and times of one's life and weaves biblical phrases in between.   Nicely done.

  2. Sister Anne says:

    A beautiful prayer – I love it!

  3. Thanks for sharing,,

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