Are you seeking to know yourself better and to find real meaning on your journey of life? This August Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to be enlightened and enjoy the free download On the Road to Human Being by Kerry Patrick Clark.

Discerning Vocation Journey as Temporary ProfessedThis is a month of summer delight.  We celebrate the perpetual profession of one of our Sisters and the feast of St. Clare. A bright light, St. Clare moves us to express the deepest thanks to our glorious God for our own unique calling. With light-hearted steps, may each of us find divine joy in growing in our humanness as we follow our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us know your thoughts on the song and feel free to contact us if we can of help to you in a vocation conversation along the way.

On The Road To Human Being was my brain’s idea for the title of my 5th CD.  The problem was… I did NOT have a song with the same title.  So… in setting off to write it… I found I was sharing a story… a conversation between two friends.  As best as I can remember, it started like this:
 “Open your eyes”, he said to me
“Turn around and tell me what you see.”
I said, “chaos”, I said, “crazy”, I said… “ME!”
I liked how and WHERE it was going… but found that every time I tried to write the REST of the song:-) … I was writing myself into a corner that had no exit!  
With the CD’s time line coming closer, in a fit of frustration, I ripped up and threw away everything I had written and just sat with my guitar (and God) asking… what is this song about?  What am I REALLY trying to communicate.  And… in 10 minutes, the song was done!
-Kerry Patrick Clark
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About Kerry Patrick Clark

Kerry Patrick ClarkKerry Patrick Clark is a musical Norman Rockwell.  His palette is a simple 12-note scale, a 6-string guitar and one voice that seeks to sing hope into the human experience.  His songs are  the compass that points the heart home.  He dares the dreamer  in  each  of  us  to  remember  who we are.  He challenges the believer in each of us to choose who we want to be.

Kerry built the recording studio in which his 5th CD, On the Road to Human Being, was recorded. He laid a sub-floor over the cement for both warmth and insulation. He constructed walls within the walls to dampen sound. He designed the rooms to accommodate both his equipment and his personality: a bend here, a window there. He turned the sterile metal support beam into a shelf to hold CDs. When the old, abandoned school down the street was being torn down, he took the wood flooring that had been marked by the dimples of ten thousand students and laid it in his hallway. Read more.


On The Road To Human Being

I can see a light shining through the window

Cutting through the night calling me, I can’t go

Feels like iron is keeping me from flying

I’m in a dark so deep it’s feeling like a prison

Get no sleep, clouding up my vision

See no what out, just different shades of doubt


Everybody has at times, everybody needs at times

Everybody wonders what it means

Everybody laughs at times, everybody cries at times

Everybody wants to find some meaning

On the road to human being

Feel so great can’t a help but smiling

Laughter aches, turns right into crying

Why’s that so, no really, I don’t know

Got a heart that beats for my wife and three boys

The music keeps a memory of my joys

I thank my God, I’m such a lucky sod


Everybody has at times, everybody needs at times

Everybody wonders what it means

Everybody laughs at times, everybody cries at times

Everybody wants to find some meaning

On the road to human being

So if I could tell the world, a lie has been repeating

Boys and girls don’t you start believing

What ain’t true, live from the heart of you

Because life is like a ride, rolling like a coaster

Side to side, when up or down get close to where

You hang your hat, live a life like that


Everybody has at times, everybody needs at times

Everybody wonders what it means

Everybody laughs at times, everybody cries at times

Everybody wants to find some meaning

On the road to human being


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After being present for a recent Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity jubilee celebration, Bishop Gerald Kicanas, Bishop of the Diocese of Tucson, was invited for an evening conversation on Immigration. He shared from his own experience shepherding the people of God in a state close to the Mexican border. His experiences in Catholic Relief Services also prove that the world is on the move. The U.S. is not the only place experiencing immigration. Every country is dealing with this reality.

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invited Bishop Gerald Kicanus for an Evening Conversation on ImmigrationThe U.S. is witnessing the results of a drug war and intensifying gang control: child refugees. The number of unaccompanied children fleeing their home countries has alarmingly increased – numbers arriving to the U.S. have doubled every year since 2011, creating what Pope Francis has described as a “humanitarian emergency.”

Increasing despair has led many families, youth and children to the inevitable conclusion that they have no choice but to flee. They are primarily fleeing violence. They aren’t just coming to the United States; in fact, other Central American countries have experienced a sharp increase in asylum claims in recent years as well.

Anyone desiring to keep informed on how the Catholic Church is addressing this modern day challenge was suggested to watch for action alerts on the Justice for Immigrants USCCB website. Catholic Relief Services also serves as a credible resource for up-dated information and action-based results.


She arrived by car. One of 4 traveling statues of Our Lady of Fatima, blessed by Pope Francis, our Lady’s  image was placed in our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity St. Francis Chapel for 24 hours. Our Sisters took the time for visits to our Eucharistic Lord and to pray intercessory prayers to our Blessed Mother for peace in our world, conversion of heart for all people, courage for young people to follow their call unique call from God especially young women called to become Franciscan Sisters, etc.

St. Francis chapel home to Our Lady of FatimaSalve Regina and Immaculate Mary were sung on the arrival of the statue. We also gathered together to recite the rosary.

Bill Sockey, who accompanies the statue, also told the history of this apparition. Bill reminded us that in preparation for the apparitions of Our Lady, an Angel who called himself the Angel of Peace, first spoke to the children saying, “Don’t be afraid. I am the Angel of Peace. Pray with me.” The angel then knelt bending forward until his forehead touched the ground and prayed: “My God, I believe, I adore, and I love You! I beg pardon of You for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope and do not love You!” He repeated this prayer three times. When the angel stood he then said to the children: “Pray thus. The hearts of Jesus and Mary are attentive to the voice of your supplications.”

For more information, click here.


— 1 —WI News

Receptions are one of those Franciscan Sister delights. Now, we are not talking about just having food (although there are very few Franciscan parties without it! Remember the story of St. Francis eating with her brother friar that was hungry! We continue to follow this rule!) July 22, 2014 Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity had ‘Reception’ for our new Novice Sister Maria Thérèse or as it is officially called the ‘Rite of Initiation into Religious Life’. We’d like to share our first announcement of this joyful event. Click here. Our Community Director Sister Natalie also quotes some of Sister Maria Thérèse’s own words in her reflection actually given at the ceremony. Read that here. This is really good news! Franciscan Sister Novice Sister Maria Therese with Reception cake and candle

— 2 —5 States in 5 Days

Franciscans do have a tender heart for the poor, the suffering, the homeless, children, etc.. One of our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sister Mary Ann Spanjers, friend of Brother Shamus J. McGrenra, TOR for 14 years, is almost finished aiding him on his third charity bike ride 5 states in 5 days July 22-25, 2014. Dorothy Day Center (a place for those in need that provides food, and new or gently used clothing, furniture, and appliances) is the recipient this year. Read more about this trip that begins in Philadelphia and concludes in Pocomoke City, VA. Franciscan Sister Mary Ann Spanjers

— 3 —Co Cathedral, Houston, TX

As promised, we continue our stories about our recent Houston vocation journey. Of course, a visit to this city is not complete without celebrating Eucharist at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart.  Just as on the day of  rededication of Sacred Heart Co-Cathedral which occurred on March 25, 1990 Most Reverend Joseph A. Fiorenza was the presiding celebrant. We were blessed to greet Bishop Fiorenza after Mass, along with chatting with the Rector of the Cathedral Father Lawrence Jozwiak and (there for his first day of pastoral service as new parochial vicar) Father Martial Oya.

Why is this called the Co-Cathedral? The Co-Cathedral’s historical background answers this question concisely:  “Due to the phenomenal growth in the city of Houston and the consequent increase in the number of Catholics and Catholic institutions, Pope John XXIII designated the city of Houston to be an episcopal city, effective on December 24, 1959. Thus the Diocese of Galveston was henceforth to be known as the Diocese of Galveston-Houston. This did not change the status of the city of Galveston as an episcopal city established in 1847, the first such city in the state of Texas. With the elevation of Sacred Heart Parish to a Co-Cathedral, it became co-equal in rank with St. Mary Cathedral in Galveston.”

This was our chosen sacred space to also meet friends Sabrina and Matthew Blackwell who are our specially-remembered Texas tour guides.Franciscan Sisters with friends at Houston Co-Cathedral


— 4 —Jesus is always looking out for us

Franciscan Sisters view Jesus window at Co-Cathedral of Sacred Heart Houston TXThere is one remarkable, optical fact about this Co Cathedral that everyone should see for themselves. The entrance stained glass window of Jesus is always looking out no matter if viewed from inside or outside.

It is a quite artistically-comforting day or night.Franciscan Sisters at Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart Houston TX


— 5 —St. Anthony

We can’t help it! In every church we are blessed to stop and pray in, Franciscan Sisters do a quick take of statues. The St. Anthony statue in this Houston House of God is a unique Eucharistic Adoration moment.

Franciscan Sisters like this St. Anthony statue with the Eucharist


— 6 —

After Eucharist we were invited to have Sunday brunch with young adults at a nearby downtown restaurant. We enjoyed walking and table conversations. Among the group were quite a few of choir members who were taking the time to say thank you to the director who is moving on to serve in yet another church music ministry site.

Franciscan Sisters invited for lunch with Co-Cathedral young adults

— 7 — Inspiring Closing Message

Indeed, we will continue our TX sojourn another time, but right now we would like to close with a homily given on the day when our Sisters in Temporary Profession Sister Monica and Sister Regina Rose renewed their vows. Read the entire text of Assumption of the BVM Franciscan Friar Father Placid Stroik’s meaningful reflection on the importance of the virtue of courage in living a life of commitmentFranciscan Sister Regina Rose and Sister Monica renewing their vows

“The consecrated life of vowed religious is a courageous experience that can produce fruit abundantly for the kingdom in our midst.  The word of God in vowed religious takes root and achieves its goal for which it came. Those in vows are united with many others living different vocations, but sharing in one common human destiny: being “living words” in our world today and the promise of living divine life forever.”

We invite you to discern Franciscan Consecrated Life. Click here to find many possible invitations from vocation discernment retreats to casual conversations on our way of life at a place near you.

Peace and all good!

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Franciscan Novice Ready to Wake Up The World to God

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Anticipating a Special Year of Consecrated Life, Pope Francis is encouraging Consecrated Religious to witness to their vows and ‘Wake up the World to God!” Franciscan Novice Sister Maria Thérèse , received into the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity’s Novitiate July 22, 2014, is ready to do just that by first learning about the Third Order Rule of St. Francis and […]

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