Lyrics: ‘Lay it Down’ by Kristen Graves

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity feature Kristen Graves’ Lay it Down’ July 2011.

He’s just another runaway

One word tells his story

He wears scars on his broken body

He hopes someone will see


When you need someone

Lay it down on me

I can lighten your load with a way back home

Don’t you worry ‘no’.

She’s a mother of three

All alone and no home to sleep

She works hard at her broken life

And to her children she sings


Oh run away,  mother

We all  need each other

Someone to pick us up

When we look to one another  seeing

sons and daughters you and I will carry us…


I can lighten your load for the way back home

don’t you

just lay it down on me

Lay it down.

Don’t you worry ‘no’

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