Franciscan Sisters Celebrate Grand Nephew’s First Mass

by Sister Julie Ann on July 5, 2015

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Sister Francis Joseph Hildebrand was not there for her grand nephew’s Father Sean Dooley’s ordination in Columbus, OH early this summer. She was not there for his first Mass at St. Nicholas Parish in Zanesville, OH. However, ‘Aunt Martha’, as the family affectionately calls her, had her own ‘first Mass’ at Holy Family Convent, Manitowoc, WI. How awesome is that!

Father Sean Dooley and Franciscan Sister Frances Joseph Hildebrand

Sister Francis Joseph was joined with other Community members who supported Father Sean through his years of formation in our Motherhouse St. Mary Chapel.  It is a given that Father Sean will continue to receive ‘Sisterly’ prayers as he begins pastoral ministry in the Diocese of Columbus in July in the  Chillicothe, OH area. The Lord bless you, Father Sean!

3 thoughts on “Franciscan Sisters Celebrate Grand Nephew’s First Mass”

  1. What a BLESSED Occasion to have Fr. Sean Dooley offer a FIRST Mass for his great Aunt Martha, (Sr. Frances Joseph) & our Franciscan Sisters at our Motherhouse in WI. CONGRATULATIONS Fr. Sean, again, & we will continue to remember you in prayer as you serve God’s people in the Columbus Diocese! Thank you for saying “YES” to God’s call.

  2. Molly says:

    So grateful Aunt Martha got to experience her Grand-Nephew provide mass at her own church. I know Maureen Pack, Aunt Martha’s niece (pictured with Fr Dooley & Sr.M. France’s Joseph), felt beyond blessed to see such an occasion. Love you all.

  3. fscc says:

    Thanks, Molly, for your comment. Summer is full. When it is filled with these kind of occasions, it is truly life-giving! The Lord bless you!

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