End of the Year of Faith Free Song: Open the Door (Abrir a Porta) by Franciscana Costa

by Sister Julie Ann on November 10, 2013

“Brazil, Latin America, the whole world needs Christ!” Pope Francis stirred the hearts of all at 2013 World Youth Day’s closing Mass on the Copacabana Beach.

Inspired by the Holy Father’s message then and anticipating the Year of Faith  conclusion, we offer a song for this decisive time of faith: “Open The Door” (Abrir a Porta),  a unique collaboration of the Franciscana Costa collective, musicians from the United States, Brazil and Latin America who know that where Jesus sends us… “There are no borders, no limits: he sends us to everyone.”

Click here to listen and enjoy a free download of the first Discernment ‘Discernimiento’ mix.

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity

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Listen and enjoy Márcio Falchet’s mix:Open the Door Marcio Falchet.mp3

(Audio) waves of joy and musical camaraderie transcend the geographic distances between South and North America and cultures. Austin singer-songwriter Gina Chavez and guitarist Paul Finley offered the vocal-guitar duet at the center of the song, Brazilian composer-singer Marco Esch provides counterpoint, Milwaukee percussionist Julio Pabon and musician John Tanner provide a percolating rhythm. Guitarist Marcio Falchet offers a subtle choral counterpoint. An Argentina native, like Pope Francis, Jose Jaoa’s ‘radio retransmission’ reinforces the song’s essential message. Foundational melody and lyrics are the inspiration of Mark Kolter. Future alternative mixes will include other musicians such as the pioneering 7estrelo’s unique take.

About Franciscana Costa Artists

Gina Chavez  is a native of Austin, Texas. A semester abroad in Argentina helped her rediscover her Latin roots, and since then she’s been dubbed the Joni Mitchell of Latin Music. Visit  http://www.ginachavez.com/ for more information on her new album “up.rooted

Paul Finley explores the depths of human joy and pain through the universal language – music. His third CD, ‘The Butterfly” narrates the story of the subject – war, nature, people and romance. Paul’s unique melody strumming creates the sound of multiple guitars from one instrument. See http://www.paulfinleymusic.com/

Brazilian composer and singer, Marco Esch’s latest work is the Bossa Nova Gospel, a gentle and melodic expression of peace and joy: www.palcomp3.com/marcoesch

St. Francis Chapel DoorJulio Pabon is a multi-instrumentalist, skilled drum maker & muralist who has created public works in his home region Wisconsin.  Julio brings to One Drum the rich traditions of Latin American music through his ancestral roots in Puerto Rico. He has been performing and teaching General Music, Latin and African percussion, and drum making through the Conservatory Connections Program since February 2008. As an active performer, teacher, and workshop facilitator at Milwaukee Public Theater, he created an innovative program using recycled material to design age appropriate percussion instruments for early childhood ages through adults.  Read more http://www.wcmusic.org

A principal of Tanner-Monagle, John Tanner brings more than twenty-five years of experience in scoring, arranging and music composition for television, radio, industrial video and theatre. Read more http://www.tannermonagle.com/about-us/john.html

Márcio Falchet is a guitar player, producer, composer and teacher. Born in São Paulo-SP/Brazil in the beginning of the 80s; being descended from Austrians, French and Italians, one year old Márcio already played with his father´s guitar. Soon after he started to write music and playing just by listening it. Read more http://www.marciofalchet.net/

The 7 Estrelo is a World Music duo formed in 2007 by André Lanari and Bruno Tonelli, in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil. Based upon the electronic genre and influenced by many other styles, the work presents broad conception of music played through creative mix of guitar, bass, flutes, voices, beats and synths.


“Faith is a flame that grows stronger the more it is shared and passed on, so that everyone may know, love and confess Jesus Christ, the Lord of life and history.” Feel free to share the song and sentiment for personal enjoyment and inspiration.

 “Jesus Christ is counting on you! The Church is counting on you! The Pope is counting on you”


Open the Door                    Abrir a Porta

Step Into Light                    Passo Para a Luz

Become the one                 Torne-se um

You are called to be            Você é chamado para ser

That single person                Essa única pessoa
purposefully                          propositadamente

That this year of faith          Que este Ano da Fé

Leads to eternity                  Que este Ano da Fé

Let us give of ourselves         Vamos dar-nos por isso temos a verdadeira alegria

with true joy                         com verdadeira alegria

Let us give of ourselves today                Vamos dar de nós mesmos hoje

The Redeemers gaze                        Os Redentores olhar

Sweeps over time                              Varreduras ao longo do tempo

From the first word                           de primeira palavra

To when all is rhymed                      Para quando todas as rimas…

We Are Redeemed                              Nós somos redimidos


48 thoughts on “End of the Year of Faith Free Song: Open the Door (Abrir a Porta) by Franciscana Costa”

  1. Sister Carmen Marie Diaz says:

    Está canción habla de la luz que nos da la fe. En este año de Fe necesitamos recordar que Dios nos llama a Su lado siempre y respondemos en fe. La Nueva Evangelización también nos llama a responder con amor como nos dice el Papa, “Dios nos ama. No tengamos miedo de amarlo. La fe se profesa con la boca y con el corazón, con la palabra y con el amor.”–Papa Francisco

    This song speaks about the light that comes from faith. In this year of Faith we need to remember that God calls us to His side always and we respond in faith. The New Evangelization also calls us to respond like our Holy Father says, “God loves us. We don’t have to be afraid to love Him. Faith is professed with our lips and in the heart, with our words and with love.” –Pope Francis

  2. Sister Pamela Catherine says:

    The messages I find behind this song include that of listening, trusting and self-giving. To open a door is a gesture of welcome, a step of readiness to listen on a deeper level, an invitation of entrance to the Lord who is knocking. Taking that first step is precisely the “leap of faith!” Going forward in trust allowing Love to lead. Joy becomes the fruit of our following and we find we become more and more the image of Christ the more closely we follow and give of ourselves to others. May we always be attentive to the knocking, stepping forth in trust and joy, giving our “yes” each day!

  3. Sister Natalie says:

    Faith is a marvelous gift! I sometimes ponder and ask myself, “How could I ever live without a life of Faith?” God is my main-stay! The Year of Faith renewed the importance of deepening that relationship with God. It was/is a reminder that this relationship needs to be nurtured in order to grow. The Year of Faith will not end. The focus will continue to be on living a life of Faith day in and day out. The gift of Faith is for me to share in every way God invites! The daily prayer is to be open to the many ways that God calls me to live out my call as well as to be open to others living out their gift of Faith.

  4. MTB says:

    “Open the Door of Faith”-what an appropriate title considering the Porta Fidei was the opening of the year. How interesting that opening the door is the title of a song marking a conclusion-indeed the end of the Year of Faith should be for us a beginning-we have opened the Porta Fidei and now have its treasures accessible to us.

  5. Max says:

    “Let us give of yourself…” I think that this is a message that should be repeated because to fully enter into God’s will, you must give of yourself to others/God/and the world.

  6. Brittany says:

    The song highlighted the need for the Year of Faith-so people can get closer to eternal life with the with the Father. The song was beautiful, upbeat and empowering that can be used as a reminder to live out the faith.
    Music has a vibrant way of engaging the heart!

  7. Tom says:

    One should not be despondent and give in to despair, but instead take courage in the Lord and proclaim the truth.

  8. Amanda says:

    It makes me think of living your life with passion and being appreciative of your life.

  9. Taylor says:

    Leave nothing behind. Give your all always and be joyful. Don’t waste your talent God gave you.

  10. ONJ says:

    How God can be praised in any language! We are free to be whoever we want to be. God just wants us to be us.

  11. R says:

    We are called to eternity with music and love.
    God uses rhythm, words and cultural diversity to touch my heart!

  12. M says:

    Let us give ourselves with true joy…we are called to be a witness to the world.

  13. ME says:

    “You are called to be” This touched me in a deeper way. God has willed me into existence to become -His. If I’m focused with this thought in my mind always, I will feel loved, the quality of that being is important, to ‘be’ is first.

  14. SE says:

    I was imagining someone outside the door in the darkness asking the door to be opened so that He may come into the light…

  15. Barbara says:

    We as individuals are encouraged to reach out. Open the Door of Faith-for others? Redeemers? Interesting that the plural is used. We have responsibility since we have been redeemed.

  16. Olivia says:

    Thoughts that came to mind…anything about life really, friendships, education, family. How I rekindle friendships that are important to me. How my family is? Am I really where I am supposed to be for school?

  17. The lyrics that struck my heart were: “Let us give of ourselves with true joy”. Whenever we give, we have choices: to give grudgingly or to give joyfully. I think God created us to be most happy when we give with a joyful attitude. It seems God evens multiplies the joy. The gift of faith in Jesus tells us that the joy comes from God and goes back to God.

  18. Sister Theresa says:

    I like the words in the song, “Become the one you are called to be.” I find it amazing that God has a unique plan for each one of us based on the personality and gifts that He has given us. In being open to and responding to His plan, we find true peace and joy. We grow in faith. The plan may take us in directions we prefer not to go, but He journeys with us. A wise Sister that I know also gives me great hope with her encouragement that, “God gives us the grace we need for each day. “

  19. KS says:

    In giving of ourselves, we come to recognize the true joy of the promises of eternal life.

  20. BR says:

    We must give ourselves to get or receive. As we open the door that we have in life we let God have a chance to work in our lives.

  21. AH says:

    A beautiful reminder of our universal church-we are many nationalities, languages, customs, but ONE Church.

  22. L says:

    Music is true inspiration and challenge to my life.

  23. R says:

    To give to others with true joy. Not just people you know, but everyone. To give of myself even when I think I already do. With God I can give more.

  24. MM says:

    God made us and there is more to each of us than we know. He wants us to know what we are capable of in terms of contributing to the kingdom. I enjoy complex melodies, so this song does reach me in this way. It is also easier to praise God with music.

  25. Sr. Theresa,

    I, too, firmly believe that God gives us the grace for each day. Thank yo for that reminder! I

  26. KS says:

    This life is not about us; it is about others.

  27. GBS says:

    This year of faith, and faith in general, is about more than how we can individually strengthen our faith. This year of faith is also about us becoming a person of God so we can enlighten the world and strengthen other people’s faith.

  28. SS says:

    We are called to live our lives with God’s mission in mind.

  29. JM says:

    This day is the beginning of eternity. I don’t have to wait until the end of my life on earth to experience God.

  30. KK says:

    We are each called to give of ourselves in some way.

  31. ARW says:

    God’s initiative——>our response

  32. RS says:

    The chorus of the song speaks of selflessness and how it is only through giving of ourselves to God and others that we will experience true joy.

  33. RS says:

    This song is relevant to my life. I was selfish and guarded, afraid of my future. But I have recently been touched by the Holy Spirit to drop my fears and give of myself, confident in who I am and blessed with what I have-God. I have started to feel real joy and it is thanks to God’s spirit truly alive in my heart.

  34. KP says:

    When we open our hearts to the Lord, we are redeemed by His grace.

  35. Colleen says:

    The idea of truly listening to God’s call so that I can become who He wants me to be.
    True joy-don’t settle for the false joys of this world!

  36. ZC says:

    Live a life of purpose and your life will be redeemed.

  37. UN says:

    Calls us to act-again, now.

  38. Sister Monica says:

    As the “Year of Faith” comes to an end, this song is a reminder that striving to live lives of faith does not come to an end. We continue forward in our personal and communal journeys of knowing, loving and serving God.

  39. KG says:

    It is so easy to lose sight of how different people use different people use different languages and musical styles to worship God. Hearing the blending of the two cultures to say the same thing reminded me of the universality of the Church.

  40. JRF says:

    expresses the essence of the meaning of salvation

  41. M says:

    I noticed the percussion in the song. “Rhythm of life”

  42. B says:

    Through both the lyrics and/or notes, music inspires me. It reaches all levels of my emotions and is very ‘spiritual’ for me.

  43. B says:

    Become the one you are called to be-this is more powerful that it seems, for as St. Catherine of Siena said : “If you are what you are meant to be you will set the whole world on fire.”

  44. C says:

    As I heard the song I felt joyful and it lifted my spirit up full of energy!

  45. N says:

    Gaudium et Spes speaks of “giving a complete gift of self:. The lyrics in this song speak to giving of self in joy. While giving of self to the service of others may be intimidating at first, it is important to remember that we do so out of joy. Love of God cannot be separated from love of neighbor.

  46. MTB says:

    Music can offer me the path of beauty, which leads to God. Beautiful music coupled with beautiful words inspires my heart to ponder Beauty Himself.

  47. Sister Elaine says:

    The song “Open the Door” speaks to me of the desire to become more fully united with God. Over the years I have come to believe that we have the capability to open the door of our heart to God each day through our words and actions. When we “give of ourselves with true joy” we open that door a bit more and come realize the many blessings given to us. How blessed I am to have been given the gift of faith!

  48. Nikki says:

    Please pray that I get a relationship back with my daddy since he is ill and dieing

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