Jesus Gospel Message Inspires Poem: Carry the Cross

by Sister Martinella Janz on September 11, 2013

Aware that the Jesus’ message of love and peace is urgently needed in our world, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity reflect on the Sunday Gospel and share about its application in our lives. Here we highlight one of Sister Martinella Janz’ poems inspired by one of the Scripture texts that gave St. Francis direction for his life. 

Carry the Cross

Carry the cross

of your nature

your very essence

Carry it with pride

Be highly pleased and rejoice

of whose you are and

of what God

has blessed you with.

Carry the cross5th-station-help-carry-the-cross-by-Franciscan-Sister-Victoria-Masil

Of your person

In your sufferings,

The mistakes made,

The regrets voiced, and

The failure to understand

About what to say or do.

Do it all with gratitude

Being satisfied

With who you are,

A beautiful creation of God.

Carry the cross

Of your mission in life

Each of us has been sent

For a particular, special task to do.

No one is equipped

With a cross like ours.

Therefore, it’s uniquely ours alone.

If we neglect to do this.

The task will never be done, and

God’s favors in us-unfulfilled.

So carry your cross.

Learn from the Master,

By following Him.

5 thoughts on “Jesus Gospel Message Inspires Poem: Carry the Cross”

  1. What a powerful refection on the carrying of one’s cross. Many thanks to Sister Martinella for sharing a sacred poem!

  2. Sister Natalie says:

    Thank you, Sister Martinella, for bringing the carrying of the Cross into an everyday context.

    St. Francis demonstrated his great love for Jesus by embracing the Cross.

    We also are given daily opportunities to carry the Cross that is unique for each of us.

    Your poem helps to ponder the Cross in a personal way.

  3. It was refreshing to see a title of ‘Carrying the Cross’ outside of the season of Lent. Talk about something so Franciscan. Thanks, Sister Martinella!

  4. Sister Kathleen says:

    Sister Martinella, what an inspiring word you share this morning! It’s good to be reminded that our weakness is strength, our suffering is gift as we follow Jesus.

  5. Sister Mary Ann says:

    “Carry the cross of your mission in life” Thank you Sister Martinella for the way you have written this–too often we forget that embracing the cross of each day is our mission in life and it is being faithful each day that leads us to a deeper relationship with Jesus!

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