A Franciscan Novice’s Convent Art Exhibit

by Sister Regina Rose on May 11, 2013

Sisterly-encouraged to have her own ‘at home’ art exhibit, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Novice Sister Regina Rose displayed her works of art at Holy Family Convent (our Motherhouse). Find here some of Sister Regina Rose’s inspirations and read words shared about her favorite art expression.

Franciscan-Novice-Sister-Regina-Rose-artworkFranciscan-novice-sister-regina-roseMy painting class was probably my favorite. We worked only in acrylic paints but we had varied techniques throughout this course. We had to paint a still life, an affa prime painting (that means you only get 1 hour to finish it. It’s a one shot painting!), a “master copy” (where we recreated a famous person’s artwork), a panel artwork and more! I painted as much as I could get in there so there are several different techniques exhibited. Enjoy!

-Sister Regina Rose

12 thoughts on “A Franciscan Novice’s Convent Art Exhibit”

  1. Sister Mary Ann says:

    Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with us through your beautiful, creative pieces of art Sister Regina Rose! The depth, the color, the gentle presence of who you are shines through each piece! Your Franciscan spirit is so evident! It is a gift to ponder the different medium you chose and to see God’s goodness revealed!

  2. The variety, the depth, the whimsy all attract me. Thank you for sharing your work and yourself with us.

  3. Lyn Zahorik says:

    So enjoyed looking at these. Hope the Order puts Francis out on a holy card or print. The photo collage with the rose intrigued me into, “can I do that?” and the photographic humor of Reserved Parking caused me to laugh right out loud; what a delightful way to contemplate our mortality and immortality.

  4. Marie J. says:

    Beautiful artwork!! Thanks for sharing, and for glorifying God this way. 🙂

  5. Woohoo!! Lovely! Thanks for sharing! Am intrigued by the variety . . . and always love the cowboy!!!

  6. S. Regina Rose says:

    You CAN do that! Photoshop, Painter 8, and Gimp are all really accessible ways to manipulate photos! I would just start by clicking around and trying the different tools they have. See what you come up with. 🙂

  7. Sister Sue Ann says:

    Sister, I didn’t know what an artist you are. Thanks for sharing. What uniqueness, creativity, and style. I too Sister Mari Kolbe, Like the cowboy!

  8. How wonderful to see the feedback on this artsy-creative post! Thanks, Sister Regina Rose, for being willing to express yourself for not only your local audience, but your broader internet one as well. If anyone is interested in seeing Sister’s poetic film on our Motherhouse entitled ‘Life is a house’ go to the ‘Where We Are’ category on our website. Next click on Wisconsin. Under Holy Family Convent you will see a link to the video. It is a pretty classic piece.

  9. Sister Jan says:

    Hi Sr. Regina Rose,
    I was thrilled to see this presentation of some of your art. You have many talents. We are blessed by those talents. I was just out on the dock today to check out Silver Lake. It was calm and clear, with a great reflection in the water. I was glad to see the dock and gate in your work.

  10. Sister Rosangela says:

    What beautiful Art work and how talented you
    are. You are in my prayers as you prepare for Profession and life at Two
    Rivers. God be with you.

  11. sisterjune says:

    Sister Regina Rose,
    Thanks for sharing your art work and especially for sharing your life and talents with our Community. What a blessing!

  12. Sister Ann Joachim says:

    These paintings are beautiful when seeing them full size.Thank you for exhibiting your show and talent.

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