Faces of Faith at Mississippi Camp Franciscan Day

by Sister Julie Ann on January 29, 2013

On January 26, 2013 Francisan Sisters of Christian Charity welcomed young women to ‘Faces of Faith’, a Camp Franciscan Day at St. Francis of Assisi, Greenwood, MS. Campers from St. Stephen Parish, Raleigh, MS, Sacred Heart Mission, Winona, MS, and St. Francis of Assisi Parish responded to an invitation to celebrate the Year of Faith by growing in their relationship with Christ and others.

Growth in friendship with other young women was fostered through creative projects, sharing fun and prayer with our Franciscan community. Sister Annette Kurey, Sister Francis Mason, Sister Mary Ann Tupy, Sister Mary Beth Kornely and Sister Kathleen Murphy planned the event locally. Sister Mary Ann Spanjers, Sister Myra Jean Sweigart, Sister Anne Turba and Sister Julie Ann Sheahan arrived from Wisconsin to offer additional Sister-support.

Are you wondering what the participants thought about the day? Watch for comments from them.




21 thoughts on “Faces of Faith at Mississippi Camp Franciscan Day”

  1. K.K. says:

    I made a lot of new friends and I had a lot of fun.

  2. H.D. says:

    Something I learned about the Year of Faith…God is always with you.

  3. s. says:

    Singing morning prayer was really special.

  4. L.P. says:

    I like spending time with Sisters.

  5. H. says:

    In the Holy Year…we are encouraged to be nice to everyone.

  6. R. says:

    I enjoyed meeting the Sisters, quiet time in the church.. learning about the saints in a unique way

  7. K.W. says:

    I enjoyed observing and interacting with the girls that were present.

  8. R. says:

    I learned some new saints for me.

  9. M.M. says:

    Just hanging out, making new friends and learning more about saints was enjoyable.

  10. S.J. says:

    I learned the Year of Faith is all about learning to be yourself in a good way.

  11. F. says:

    I make new friends. I am grateful.

  12. Sister Mary Ann says:

    This was an exceptional group of girls! We had such a fun time with them! They responded so well to each of the events of the day! I am so grateful to my fellow Sisters for all they did to make this such a joy-filled faith event! I love the Mississippi hospitality that we experienced with the Sisters, the young women, the Friars, and the people of St. Francis Parish in Greenwood!

  13. smaryfrances says:

    I have heard some wonderful comments from the Sisters who were able to attend the Camp. If the pictures are any indication, it looked like a very fun time!

  14. Maria says:

    Since I’ve got there, everything about it was very joyful, fun and active. I had a great time with you all:)!

  15. Maria says:

    I learned that we should always have faith in God and everything else follows.

  16. MLH says:

    I also enjoyed making smore’s for the first time.

  17. G. R. says:

    I learned that St. Francis and St. Clare had a picnic!

  18. This day looks like a day blended with holiness and fun. Thank you for sharing this on our website. Since we are having a snow storm today with 6-10 inches of snow, the marshmallow roasting and hot dog cooking were especially appealing.

  19. Sister Kathleen says:

    Camp is now one week into history, but the time was a wonderful experience of finding Jesus alive in so many ways and in so many people. It does one’s sense of faith good! Thanks girls and sisters for all you did to make our day a blessing!

  20. Sister Jan says:

    S’Mores are sounding real good as we watch the snow fly up north.I am happy you had such a great camp experience with the Lord and with the Sisters.

  21. Sr. Delores says:

    It appears our Lord blessed your days with abundant joy and fun.

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