Franciscans Feature Jamie Ousley’s Hymn of the Tides

by Sister Julie Ann on July 1, 2012

This July 2012 Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity invite you to download water-inspired jazz Hymn of the Tides by Jamie Ousley. You’ll want to purchase the entire gentle, rhythm-based composition cd that supports a commitment to care for creation, in particular the non-profit Sunshine State Interfaith Power and Light Organization. Click here.

Arnaldo Fortini writes about St. Francis of Assisi:

Next to fire, he loved water. Now he was seeing anew the liveliness of the springs gushing out along the road, their moving water satisfying the thirst, their pools, mirrors of the sky, the still surfaces alive with images of sailing clouds on a sea of blue. He thought again of the day he had spent in meditation by the sea in Venice, by the lake near Perugia, in solitary and luminous nooks beautiful with algae and canebrakes-lonely place where he had spent long hours gazing at the looking-glass, exulting in the weft and woof of silver woven by the sun and wind on calm days, hidden spots where he had listened to the language spoken by restless waves.” (p. 564)

 About Jamie Ousley

I grew up in the Methodist church as the son of a preacher, singing and hearing hymns from a very young age. As I continue to learn to be a “jazz” composer, I find the most peace and satisfaction in my compositions when I can let the music that’s in my heart out into the world. This hymn-style of music is planted deep in my heart, so when it comes out, it feels very honest to me. “Hymn of the Tides” is inspired by the gentle rhythms of the sea.


What comes to mind as you listen to Hymn of the Tides?

8 thoughts on “Franciscans Feature Jamie Ousley’s Hymn of the Tides”

  1. S.Mary Ann says:

    Jamie, the gift of sharing this music “from your heart into our world” is a wonderful blessing for us! Listening to the playful waves of rippling water through your strings is the next best thing to being on the shore!

  2. E. says:

    God uses music to calm me down particularly after a long day.

  3. M.G. says:

    Music expresses the ‘inexpressable’. It seems God knows what I need to hear.

  4. sisterjune says:

    Music speaks to my inner most feelings- I am glad that you shared the music inside of you. Peace.

  5. S. R. R. says:

    I loved this song! I could (and did) listen to it over and over. It was up and down, playful and joyful, soft yet strong. It had adventure and hope and discovery! The rhythm flowed back and forth and really did remind me of the sea at play or a day by the waterfront! Very nice.

  6. Sister Rochelle says:

    You  know, I did listen to this jazzy piece of  music the other day and I really liked it!  To me it has a great deal of energy and free style movement in its expression.  The energy pushed me to many spaces up and down, to the side and down again as I listened.   I was always waiting for it to come to a resolution, to a resting place,  but it didn’t do that  when I expected it to.   I am thinking that it is a metaphor for me of the mercury-like movement of the waves and the rhythms of life’s daily grind and alsoone’s joyfullness at times.  Thank you for sharing this with us all and for that neat experience.

  7. S. A. says:

    S.A. such a delightful composition.  It is full of freedom, delight and peace all together.  I am grateful to hear it and I thank all you who made it possible for us to hear it. Thanks

  8. Smaryfrances says:

    I listened as I looked through the Great Lakes pictures.  I could feel the water moving with the music or vice versa.  It was neat!

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