Camp Franciscan 2012 Campers Breathe In the Spirit of St. Clare

by Sister Julie Ann on June 10, 2012

Continuing to celebrate the 800th Anniversary year of St. Clare of Assisi, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are hosting Camp Franciscan June 12-14, 2012 ‘In the Spirit of St. Clare’ at our Motherhouse in Manitowoc, WI.

56 young women from 27 parishes and 7 states are arriving  for days of growth in friendship, creativity and prayer in the Franciscan tradition. These 10 (Arch) dioceses are represented among the campers and volunteers:

  • Diocese of Columbus, OH
  • Diocese of Green Bay, WI
  • Diocese of Jackon, MS
  • Diocese of Joliet, IL
  • Diocese of La Crosse, WI
  • Archdiocese of Milwaukee, WI
  • Archdiocese of Omaha
  • Diocese of  Tucson, AZ
  • Diocese of Phoenix, AZ
  • Diocese of Rockford, IL

While all Community members are actively involved in prayer support these days, @40 Sisters, 17 high school and college age campers and other adult champerones form the camp’s leadership team.  We are grateful for the presence of priests who will be with us for Eucharist and the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  

Desiring to share this experience with all of you and the campers’ families, we invite you to check our Flicker account. Since there are so many more photos, our Facebook account promises unforgetable images as well.

Fitting our theme of St. Clare, we also invite you to reflect on these images of the affectionately named  ‘little plant of St. Francis’. The beauty of this summer season reminds us of the beauty of her soul, and her desire to grow in to gazing, considering, contemplating and imitating Jesus.

43 thoughts on “Camp Franciscan 2012 Campers Breathe In the Spirit of St. Clare”

  1. I’ll be following the progression of Camp Franciscan and praying for the safety and growth of all involved. 

  2. Lois A. rizzo says:

    A  ” Big Welcome “and “Good Luck” to all the Camp Franciscan participants this year. May the Spirit of Saint Clare   never   leave   you  and  guide your spirtual  fullfillment  each day of your Camp.
    Each Summer I keep up   with   daily activities  by using my Facebook Account.   I am  Lois Rizzo, from the Diocese of Steubenville.  I look forward to logging in each summer!  God Bless

  3. Lois A. rizzo says:

    Oh  Lord,  breathe  the spirit   of   SAINT CLARE   throughout   CAMP  FRANCISCAN    this  week.


  4. brianna says:

    Camp so far has been fabulous!  I’ve met some really awesome people and have reconnected with my friends from last year.  Something I’ve liked is the food and the awesome feeling of community.   My group, Eucharistic, has been amazing!

  5. SydneyEdwards says:

    its very peaceful and calming.

  6. Anna D. says:

    Camp Franciscan!! So happy to be here with all the sisters again! It is so amazing to be able to be present, constantly surrounded by sisters, who love Christ with their whole beings. What a wonderful Witness to Christ and his church! I am so grateful to all the sisters for welcoming all of us into their home! Thank you for being such faithful witnessses to Christ’s love for the world! +JMJ+

  7. Meroz79 says:

    Having a lot of fun at my first day at Camp Franciscan! I have met some wonderful girls, and everyone is very open and friendly.  I am very glad it is nicce and cool out! I enjoy the fact that I am in the Eucharistic Ladies, because I love the Eucharist so much, and I know it is what I love the most about being Catholic.

  8. Miara says:

    My experience here is great so far at camp. The thing that I love most about the camp is meeting all the sisters. My group name is Eucharistic Ladies

  9. Greenbayjules says:

    I have been here for two days now, and I absolutely LOVE it. I love being a team leader and helping the kids. It makes me feel really special and….neat? I’ve been at skit practice so far and am so exicted for the bondfire tonight! Our group name is Eucharistic, and I think its really cool. I mean…how Saint Clare was so willing to sacrafice herself for all those women. I think that really is inspiring.

    I like going to camp. This is my first time going here, and I like it so far. I really like the rooms here. Our group name is Eucharistic, and I think we are a fun group.

  10. Breanna Younger says:

    I love this camp. It has really changed me. My favorite thing about this camp is that everyone gets along and there is no problems at all. This is my first year and I am defenitly coming back next year.

  11. emily says:

    i learned some new infomation about st.clair and it was really cool
    i really like reader’s theater alot, it’s so fun and awsome
    i’m in the eucharistic ladies and my group members are really cool to be around
    this is my second year and im having alot of fun

  12. Dear Kind, Humble, Poor, Eucharistic Ladies,
    Prayers are sent your way from those of us not able to be with you in Manitowoc. You have amazing leaders so enjoy everything they have to offer you.

  13. Nicole Frauenfeld says:

    I am having sooo much fun at this camp.  I have already made many new friends, ate s’mores, and had a lot of prayer time.  Going to this camp last year and this year has made a big impact in my faith life.

  14. Hailey says:

    I love this camp because we get to make new friends and my favorite part is the campfire.

  15. Reuletdawn says:

    I AM HAVING A AWSOME TIME AT CAMP THIS WEEK,by making new friends an learing about jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. katya Konopacki says:

    My older sister went to this camp so I wanted to try it and I am so glad I did.  I have made many new friends and it has helped me grow closer to God.  I feel like it is one big family. I love it here.

  17. Abby Welnetz says:

    I like this camp beacuse i’m not the only one here that wants to share their religon and i like that and respect them and their life. This camp makes me feel safe. My older sister is here with me and it helps me a lot knowing she is here for me and others.  I hope to carry onin her footsteps! I think that would be amazing! 🙂

  18. abigail b says:

    Camp franciscan is so fun and I seeing different sisters that I never meightbefore and the sisters are so nice to you when you say some thing to them. 

  19. Mikayla Morrell says:

    At camps o far I have experinced many different things. Like Movies, docomentys, games, homade icecream, and Music.

  20. Kiara Glandon says:

    I love this camp. Everyone gets along well and we have lots of fun activities to do. This is myfirst year and it is really fun. I will definitally come back next year. I am in the Humble Ladies group and the leaders are fun to be around. They help me with anything I need and help me lots.

  21. Tori Vandenbusch says:

    This camp is a lot of fun, it inspired me to be closer to God, and I have met a lot of nice people.

  22. Cearrabecker says:

    My favorite thing I’ve experienced so far is how well everyone connects and interacts with each other. I love it here.

  23. Monica says:

    This camp has been wonderful both years that I have come. It gives me a week to just be away from the world and be in peace. I love that we get to receive Reconciliation and daily Eucharist. It’s an amazing feeling.

  24. Kaitlin Martinez says:

    mym favorite thing about this camp is how freindly evryone is, its a break from the rest of the world.. love the sisters and all the activities, last but not least is all the church time!!! 🙂

  25. Daisy Ortiz56 says:

    i love this camp i want to come every year . i Learn new thing each year.. i love it!

  26. Emily Biese says:

    These have been some expierence filled days. I have reconnected with people from previous years and also made new friends. The activities are fun.

  27. Grace VanDyke says:

    Camp Franchiscan is neat. I like my room, it’s very cozy. we had a bonfire last nite and it was awesoime. I like bieng a Kind sister.

  28. Jenna E. :) says:

    i love this camp!! it brings me closer to God! 🙂

  29. Dagwood514 says:

    this campus is so beautiful and all the Sisters are so kind and sweet here. ive never had so much fun in two days!!!!!! we made super-cool purses… and made SMORES at bonfire!!!! YUMMY!! also ive made tons of new friends. Camp fransiscan ROCKs

  30. I’m enjoying all the comments from you young ladies. It makes the next best thing to being there. I pray you have a very enjoyable ending.

  31. Arianna f. says:

    I loved camp, this was my third time, and I want to come back.

  32. Jailynn McGhee says:

    This is my Second year at this Camp , and I really enjoyed it , but I’d have to say my favorite part(s) was definitely the Food , Talent Show, Mass,and the Group Activities! 🙂 This year was a Awesome year at Camp Franciscan.

  33. Akonopackirhs says:

    I always feel so peaceful and content when I’m at Camp Franciscan, I absolutely love it here.  The food is amazing, the people are friendly and awesome, and I love the feeling of refreshment I get when I’m here. 

  34. Kendyll says:

    I am amazed at how close everyone is. We are all strangers, but we trust eachother, and all have one wonderful thing in commong… a love for God. We all have such strong faith. I hope that one day, I can become a sister. This camp has inspired my life, and changed my life, from every year of camp, it gets stronger.

  35. Maria Kirwan says:

    Great camp!!! I feel so much closer to God, and I’m having loads of fun making new frends; everyone is so awesome, they’ll just come to your room and hang out, even though you don’ know them 🙂

  36. Rebekah McGill says:

    An amazing camp, that everyone should be able to experience. An awesome week where we meet new friends, participate in crafts, and just have fun learning about our Lord Jesus Christ.

  37. sydney says:

    this is my first time at this camp. It is a great experience , i loved meeting new  people. this camp as brought me closer to God.

  38. Anysia R. says:

    I realy had a nice time at camp this year it was myn first year and it was a lovely experience.

  39. Lauren Edwards says:

    I experienced the love of Jesus through camp this year, and I loved confession and all the activities we did. I was in the group Poor Ladies. Everyone is so nice here and I definitely want to come back! xx

  40. Mayfield says:

    It was a good camp, this was my first year, and it was great to meet new people and new friends here at Camp Franciscan.

  41. Karen Suhr says:

    I’m Sister Karen Suhr. I was fortunate to work in the small group sessions, Called To Be, with Sr. Leslie. The Campers that came to our group seemed to have open hearts and a desire to become closer to Jesus. I was awed by their willingness to discern what God was speaking to them.
    Now that Camp is in the background, I pray that Jesus is staying in the foreground.

  42. sisterjune says:

    God bless all the leaders, those who worked behind the scenes and the participants of Camp Franciscan.

  43. Sr. Leslie says:

    Camp Franciscan is one of the best parts of my summer. The girls that came to camp this year inspired me by their faith. “Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity” 1 Tim. You are never too young to make a difference. I lead the called to be session with Sr. Karen and the campers were asking the Big Questions about religious life. I was so impressed with their thoughtfulness and their faithfulness.

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