What Franciscan Sisters Do for Fun

by Sister Caritas on October 21, 2011

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Caritas Strodthoff, nurse practioner and newly assigned Community archivist, offers a reflection: What do Sisters do for fun?’ She also explains about an important ministry of prayer par excellence that some of our Sisters are entrusted to do.

Praying Sisters’ Enjoy Party

You may or may not know, each Mission and each place where our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity live is assigned several Sisters who pray for those community members and whatever needs or requests they might have. Sisters Audrey Kolosso, Paschal Baylon Klarkoswski, Dolores Goudreau, and Jean Heppler are the Prayer Team for Holy Family Health Clinic.  On Wednesday, October 5, the Health Clinic staff, Sister Anne Turba, Sr. Caritas Strodthoff, Bonnie, Jean, Ruth and Clair, treated our ‘Praying  Sisters’ to a special “outing.” 

Three of these Sisters reside in St. Rita’s, the skilled nursing area of the Motherhouse.  For our outing, we took  Sister Jean and Sister Audrey by wheelchair, Sister Dolores with her cane and Sister Paschal Baylon on her own two feet all the way over to “the other side” of Holy Family Convent to Christina Lounge where a few steps needed to be negotiated to get everyone on location for the party. We started our celebration with a delicious white and chocolate ice cream cake trimmed with white and purple frosting served on delightful Fall colored plates and napkins cut like fall leaves. Time was spent reminiscing about stories we each knew from living with one another.

Franciscan Entertainment

From here we moved on to the entertainment of the afternoon. Utilizing the TV and a DVD, we were all introduced to bowling, Wii style. (This gift came from friends at our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity sponsored Genesis Healthcare System, Zanesville, OH to keep us limber and laughing.)

Here we are all lined up with our character! Sister Anne demonstrated and showed each participant how to “ Push the “A” button. Now raise it up, push “B”, bring it back and…swing it forward.” Letting go of the “B” button was the real trick. The Sisters in their wheelchairs were just as good at making strikes and gutter balls as the rest of us. Sister Dolores’s closing comments once we finished were “I could stay here all night. Playing that can be addictive!” Sister Jean agreed. Sister Dolores had kicked up her heels and “rolled that ball” for a strike on her first try!!  Enjoy viewing all four Sister Pray-ers,watching intently…doing what they were missioned to do this year: praying that the curve of the ball would swing back over a bit, that the rest of those pins would go down, that this would be a strike!!!

A thankful day was enjoyed by everyone. Now we know…even in a wheelchair, Wii can be delightful fun!! Especially with a good coach!! Next time…no more gutter balls!! We encourage you all to play WEEEEEEE!!

10 thoughts on “What Franciscan Sisters Do for Fun”

  1. We love our praying sisters, too. Showing care and respect for them keeps us connected to the past and them connected to the present and all of us hopeful for the future!

  2. Sister Kay says:

    Bowling Wii can be so much fun—and good for all of us!  Sometimes our family get-togethers have a bowling Wii tournament.  Everyone can have great fun!  Great idea for our prayer Sisters!

  3. srsharon says:

    THE WAY TO GO, Sr. Dolores Goudreau, a STRIKE on your very FIRST TRY???  AMAZING!! Some of our RESIDENTS here at St. Joseph's Retirement Community like the WII also.  The Lord continue to bless each of you and we COUNT on your PRAYERS & SACRIFICES!  THANK YOU!

  4. Sr. Delores says:

    We are grateful for our prayings Sisters.  We feel the power of their prayers.   Being new here at St. Paul's, I lean on their prayers and sacrifices alot.
      Your party sounded wonderful.   Thanks for sharing the fun.   What a great idea for a party!

  5. Sr. Leslie says:

    Wow! That's so fun. Good idea sisters 🙂

  6. Sister Marie Bernadette says:

    I am so proud to be in this community. We do care for the Sisters and I'll know what's coming when I reach that stage of life! Sister Marie Bernadette

  7. WE do know how to enjoy life at each turn, thanks to such fun, creative, and caring Sisters! Way to go Sister Caritas, Sister Anne, and all involved!!!

  8. Shelena says:

    Sounds like you had a great time. I noted you ate the chocolate ice cream cake first then played Wii! I'm sure that helped to cut the calories! God Bless all of you!

  9. Smaryfrances says:

    Through the Convent grapevine, I heard there was quite a party in Christina Lounge with our Praying Sisters.  Good for all of you for checking out the new techno gadget!

  10. Srosangela says:

    What a great idea and wonderful creative thing  to do with your praying Sisters. I can see how much you all enjoyed it.  We pray for others and sometimes forget those who are praying for us. This is a good reminder to do something fun with our praying Sisters.

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