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by Sister Julie Ann on June 13, 2011

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity welcomed 56 campers for Camp Franciscan Mary Handmaid,  June 13-16, 2011. Arriving from 5 states, 7 Catholic (arch)dioceses and 20 parishes, guests experience life with the Sisters while making new friends in the Franciscan Motherhouse atmosphere in Manitowoc, WI. 

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity welcomed 56 young women for Camp Franciscan June 13-17, 2011.

Over 45 Franciscan Sisters were involved in camp sessions and in roles of hospitality while the entire community supports this vocation outreach with prayer. This year Father James Dunfee , pastor of St. Agnes Parish, Mingo Junction, OH returns as camp chaplain. Additional priests are assisting with the Sacrament of Reconciliation and other individuals  are helping to make the theme Mary Handmaid come alive.

See our flick’r photos and find out just what the campers did all day.

Click here to see more candid photos captured by Sister Mariella Erdmann, OSF

28 thoughts on “Follow Camp Franciscan 2011 Mary Handmaid”

  1. We are off to a wonderful beginning with this group of young women as leadership for Camp Franciscan! The Holy Spirit of joy is so present in these young ladies!!!

  2. Ssharon says:

    BLESSINGS to all the presenters, helpers, pray”ers” and the PARTICIPANTS of Camp Franciscan.  Enjoy the Franciscan hospitality, the comraderie and the spiritual benefits.  Here at St. Mary's, West Point, Nebraska will continue to enjoy the pictures & write-ups of your daily activities.  THANK YOU!

  3. Smkolbe says:

    Looks like a wonderful group! Enjoy the days – know of my prayers – smkz

  4. Sister Anne Marie Lom says:

    I really like looking at all the pictures. It looks like so much fun and prayer and social interaction! Holy Spirit, come to each camper and enkindle the fire of love!

  5. Ashley Minnick says:


  6. Josie Snyder says:


  7. Hailey says:

    St. Francis chapel is beautiful.

  8. Jordan says:

    Wow! THIS HAS BEEN MY BEST MEMORY!!!!! i LOVE THIS PLACE I LOVE THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is just wonderful the drive was o.k. but thats cause it was so long. I had so much fun i hope i can go again and again and agian!!!!!!!!!!!11

  9. Jamie says:

    I am having a great time at this camp. I can make new friends, do fun activities, get closer to God, eat great food, and I even learned how to embroider!!! So much fun!!!!! =)

  10. Abigail says:

    Camp franciscan is  a fun and injoyable time to connect with God and yourself. and meet new people at the same time. I will always remember the experinces I had here. the food and hospitality from the sisters is remarkable! I cant wiat to come back next year! thank you!

  11. Maggie McConnaha says:

    This really is the best place on earth. Every year I come here I draw closer to our Lord. Currently in discernment, I take this time to get to know the sisters and fall more in love with this convent. Every night some friends and I went into St. Francis chapel for rosary and quiet prayer. They also feed us really well! I enjoyed serving Mass with Fr. Jim, and had a rebirth at Reconciliation last night. Today we made sacrifice or “good deeds” beads, which is a decade of beads that you can move toward a cross each time you do a little sacrifice. Later we will paint pinwheels to beautify the garden. We also partook in frisbee golf on the Silver Lake college campus and embroidered onto little bags. I have really got the hang of embroidery and pull it out at every free moment, because we got to keep the hoops, needles, and threads. I cannot wait to come back next year!

  12. Ana K. says:

    Camp Fransiscan is such an amazing place to be!  Everyone is so friendly and happy!!!!  I've been coming for 4 years and will continue!!!

  13. Ellie proccess says:

    It is so fun here! This is my first year and I came to a wonderful camp!!!

  14. brianna says:

    going to remember camp and my new friends foreverr:)

  15. Kendyll says:

    This camp gives me time to think about my beliefs and get to understand more about God. We do tons of fun activities that teach us about God. We get to meet other people from far away. All together, the food, friends, crafts, and sisters are awesome!

  16. Heather says:

    Camp Franciscan is GREAT. This is my 2nd year.  I was so excited to come i couldn't sleep.  it is a great time to come closer to God and make new friends. I LOVE it here!!!

  17. Staten Place says:

    i love the st.francis chapel is  was  nice i loved the pic on the walls  I LOVED IT!@!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Sister Helena says:

    Good Morning Campers!
    I enjoyed your program last evening – my what talent. Continue to be present to all your experiences and enjoy the last day with your new friends. May Mary as Handmaid be a constant reminder of how we can follow her way.

  19. MRC says:

    I love Camp!!  This is my second year, and it is almost better than the first!:)  It's the best part of my year!  I feel at home at the convent and learning about GOD and CHRIST.   This year, the Mary Handmaid theme was reall fun.:)

  20. Anonymous :) says:

    This camp is tons of fun! I'm meeting new friends, moving closer to God, and doing lots of fun crafts and games. I also must say that the meals are are like 10 times better than home! I would love to come next year if I could, but sadly I can't. :'(  So I guess I gotta make the most of this year!

  21. Rebekah McGill says:

    I've never had this much fun at Summer camp. This is amazing.

  22. Anna D. says:

    Just wanted to thank all of the sisters for opening up your home to all of us and sharing God's joy with us! I had a great time this year at camp. By far the best year yet! I just got home and am missing camp like crazy! I can't wait to go back and visit soon! I really drew a lot closer to Christ this week and I pray that he will continue to strengthen me as I live out my everyday life. Thanks to all the girls too, for being so amazing. I felt like everyone just became instant best friends. And I can't wait to get together with some of the girls soon! God bless you, sisters! MARY, MYSTICAL ROSE… pray for us!

  23. Sr. Carol Seidl says:

    Camp Franciscan was super this year!  A nice peaceful atmosphere with lots of laughs, great fun & prayerful moments too. Great gals to work with! I hope many of them come back next year.

  24. Sreginarose says:

    This happened to be a particularly exceptional group of young women and it was so AMAZING to see such a visible outpouring of your faith! Thank you, girls, for sharing your time, talents, and hearts with us! I think we sisters loved it as much as you did! We had a blast!! Know that we are praying for all of you as you journey deeper into the heart of Christ!

  25. Lois Rizzo says:

    Read all about the 2011 Camp Franciscan   MARY HANDMAID    and viewed the photos as well.  The Camp sure seemed like a great Success  Story.   CONGRATULATIONS   on many  more  !

  26. Sister June says:

    The Franciscan Camp was a tribute to all those who participated in it. The Campers were friendly and courteous. The Program on Wednesday evening was super with singing, dancing and acting.
    God bless Sister Julie Ann and Sister Mary Ann, our vocations directors, and all those Sisters who helped in any way.

  27. Sr. Leslie says:

    This was three days of tons of fun. The campers and team leaders were all very impressive. They were good to each other, respectful, and full of confidence. Peace and all Good to all of our guests.

  28. Maggie Mcconnaha says:

    Loved being a leader with you Anna, your ideas brought us all really close together and made this the best year yet! MARY MYSTICAL ROSE….pray for us!

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