Pray Stations Expressing St. Francis’ Love for Jesus Crucified

by Sister Julie Ann on April 21, 2011

During this Holy Week, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity share  Sister Victoria Masil’s paintings of how St. Francis may have experienced the Passion. The original inlaid, wooden, relief Way of the Cross is found at our Motherhouse, Manitowoc, WI.

St. Francis had great devotion to Jesus crucified and asked that the devotion be a special part of the life of every Franciscan. He identified with our Lord’s sufferings to such an extent that he was gifted with the marks of the Passion, the stigmata. Sister Victoria attempted to portray Francis’s love by placing him as a figure in each one of the Stations. The 15th station is expressed by superceding the triumph over the burial in the 14th station.

What inspires you as you pray these stations?

12 thoughts on “Pray Stations Expressing St. Francis’ Love for Jesus Crucified”

  1. Sister Anne Marie Lom says:

    I never tire of contemplating these images and am so very grateful I can share them with others today by referring them to our website. Thank you!

  2. Another aspect about these stations that makes them meaningful when our community prays them together, is that after each stop of reflection on the life of Jesus these words are repeated: “St. Francis, Lover of the Crucified, pray for us. Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy upon us.”

  3. Sister Anne says:

    Thank you, Sister Julie Ann, for posting our precious stations! It is a wonderful to share our treasure with as many people as possible. These stations and all they speak in their simplicity are dear to my heart and soul.

  4. sisterjune says:

    The stations are very meaningful to me because when I was young Sister and I was praying the stations. It was then that I made a commitment to God that no matter who comes into my life that I would try to remain faithful to Him.

  5. May we know of Jesus walking with us in a deeper way these days as we enter into the mystery of His love!

  6. Sister Natalie says:

    In praying the Way of the Cross one can join sufferings and concerns to Jesus and the cross he carried. We do not walk the journey alone and we do not bear a burden alone. Jesus is there for each of us. The Way of the Cross is also an examination of conscience to discern what part I play in present day crucifixions due to selfishness and sin. I pray, “Lord Jesus crucified, have mercy on me.”

  7. Ssharon says:

    Thank you, Sr. Julie Ann for sharing the treasure of Sr. Victoria Masil's Stations of the Cross so that others may profit spiritually & aesthetically. How compassionate and caring the figures are portrayed with the pain and suffering endured. We have many different copies of the Stations of the Cross displayed in our Chapel here in West Point from many different authors so that the Sisters may have access to a variety during the Lenten Season.

  8. Tomdottie says:

    What a wonderful gift shared by Sister for so many during this Blessed Holy Week, esp today on Good Friday! Thank you Sister!!

  9. Dottie Schultheis Durant says:

    What a wonderful gift and talent shared by Sister for so many during this Blessed Holy Week, esp today Good Friday! Thank you Sister! May all the Sisters have a very Joyous Easter!!

  10. Kklackner says:

    Thank you for sharing this precious gift to our community. The images and accompanying words are so thought-provoking. I love them. I didn't have my community booklet handy today when I wanted to pray the stations…and here theyare! May they bless all who see/pray them as they have blessed me/us!

  11. Sdorothy says:

    It is wonderful to have Francis lead me in following Jesus!

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