Here’s a Special Vocation Blessing for High School Seniors

by Sister Sharon on March 23, 2011

It is not every day that senior girls from a Catholic High School receive an invitation to spend time after school with Catholic religious women at their convent home. In West Point, NE, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity did invite Central Catholic High School students  and are making it a tradition.

Central Catholic High School senior girls and Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are making a tradition of spending time together for a graduation blessing.

This year the event was slated for @5:30 p.m. on March 22, 2011. First on the agenda was a simple meal and good conversation.  Pizza, veggies, extra sweet dessert bars and ice cream satisfied everyone’s  food tastes and smiles and outbursts of laughter were proof of shared joy. Later, more one on one visiting occurred as guests made bracelet prayer beads spelling faith, hope, and love.

At the end the evening, all gathered for prayer in the Convent Chapel. Franciscan Sisters Joellen, Andrene, Doris, Marie Bernadette, Mary Beth, Michael Ann and Sharon  took this special opportunity to express wishes and prayer on the coming graduates as they extend their horizons in many directions. A ‘cross’ gift was given, a model for seeking God’s will in life while looking to the future.

It was a time to remember. Have you ever had a similar experience?

5 thoughts on “Here’s a Special Vocation Blessing for High School Seniors”

  1. This brings back my memories of invites to the convent from our Sisters while I was at Xavier high school! Their welcoming spirit, simplicity of prayer, warm laughter and conversation helped me feel at home with them. I always enjoyed the delicious meals Sister Dolores cooked up as well!

    I'm sure that young women in West Point are also feeling the blessing of the goodness of our Sisters openning their hearts and convent to them. The Franciscan spirit of sharing in the beauty of life shines through these photos! Special prayers for these young women and our Sisters in West Point, NE!

  2. Sannette says:

    So nice to see the Sisters and young women of West Point enjoying food, fun and prayer. It takes me back in memory of wonderful times sharing together there . It is some of those simple enjoyments that we will always hold dear. God touchs our lives when we least expect. May God's blessings be with each of you.

  3. Srosangela says:

    This is a nice thing to do for the girls. It gives them a very positive picture of religious life and a good insight to what you do. I'm sure it was a relaxed atmosphere and gave them a peaceful feeling so needed in todays world. May God continue to bless all of you in your ministry.

  4. Ssharon says:

    YES, it was a very “special” gathering which culminated in a very meaningful Prayer Service that we use year after year which has a touch of caring, sadness & joy as the girls go forth in leaving familiar surroundings to pursue college. We talk about their families, college & career plans. Some of our Srs. know their parents & some of us know their GRANDPARENTS which furthers the conversation to them & especially to the residents of St. Joseph's Retirement Community who reside there. The other piece is that we will remember them in prayer for the next year. This will bring back memories to them as they are in the midst of challenges to place their faith in the Lord and His Blessed Lady.

  5. Sister Anne Marie Lom says:

    When I went home for a visit, the sisters in my parish (St. Edward, Mackville, WI) would invite me for a meal and a visit. It was a great time of sharing, affirming my vocation and I relished their support. This article brought wonderful memories of being “mentored” in religious life.

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