Called to Drink the Cup this Lent

by Sister Julie Ann on March 26, 2011

Desiring quality time to reflect during the current liturgical season, three different groupings of Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity on three different March days participated in Lenten Musings (Called to Drink the Cup?). Referencing Henri M.J. Nouwen, Sister Anne Marie Lom, OSF wove Scripture references (e.g. Mk 10:38), personal stories and helpful authors in presentations on the theme. In addition, the prayer day schedule included Community Morning Prayer and Eucharist and plenty of time for personal prayer, reflection or rest. 

Franciscan Sister Anne Marie Lom facilitated a prayer day 'Can You Drink the Cup' during Lent.

The three prayer sessions were titled:

  1. The Cup of Suffering
  2. The Cup of Forgiveness
  3. The Cup of Ordinary Life

‘The Cup’ represents the story of our lives. Francis might have referred to it as ‘The Cup of Incarnation’, a life fully immersed in reality. More than gulping quickly, we were encouraged to hold, lift and drink the cup of our lives.

Pray with us this Lenten examen, (Can You Drink the Cup?), a  source for self- reflection some time each day:

  1. I acknowledge I am in God’s Presence.
  2. I am full of gratitude for …
  3. Some of my feelings throughout the day were…
  4. An important incident of today was…and I pray: (intercession, praise, repentence or gratitude)
  5. I look forward to tomorrow with… (anticipation, worry, hope, fear, etc.)

What has inspired you this Lent?

7 thoughts on “Called to Drink the Cup this Lent”

  1. Ssharon says:

    Sr. Julie Ann, the three themes listed above were very much alive in today's happenings & WHERE the Lord led this day. The first & second themes: Can you drink the cup of suffering and forgiveness was shown by visiting 8 residents at a nursing home in Scribner & listening to their stories. The third theme: Can you drink the cup of ordinary life was shown this weekend also with many volunteers for Guardian Angels & Central Catholic High School working together for the Annual Basketball Fundraiser. 92 teams played games in all the gyms in West Point. What has inspired me this Lent is also the FAITH of the West Point people and the great attendance at Mass. Blessings to ALL as we continue on the journey this Lenten Season!

  2. Sister Anne Marie Lom says:

    Thank you for your very practical examples of our Lenten Musings theme! Our Lenten Journey is key to our renewal of Baptismal commitments and personal growth. Sounds like the faith is alive and well in West Point.

  3. Sr. Delores W. says:

    Thanks, Sr. Anne Marie.
    I've been reflecting on the cups that we are asked to drink in life. This weekend, we heard Jesus offering us life-giving water. I wonder why I go to the muddy waters of life and not partake of His gift of water. I get distracted and drink of self, work, or what the world offers. Jesus offers us so much more.
    Sr. Anne Marie, the questions you ask are pertinent and can move us into holy space.

  4. Sister Anne Marie Lom says:

    Sister Delores talked about questions so I was inspired to share some of the questions from the handouts. These are points to ponder on the Cup of Suffering:

    Jesus’ cup is LIFE

    1. What parts of being “fully human” are challenging to you?

    2. What is the greatest suffering you have endured? Was there a gift to the suffering?

    3. What is the most important consolation you have ever received in the midst of suffering? (Consolation from God or from another human)

    4. When have sorrow and joy been mixed for you?

    5. Have you ever offered your suffering to Jesus in the Eucharist to be transformed? What was that like?

  5. Sister Anne Marie Lom says:

    Here are some questions to ponder regarding forgiveness:

    1. Which is your favorite scripture passage on forgiveness and why do you favor it?

    2. When is a time you experienced forgiveness from someone?

    3. When is a time you offered forgiveness to someone who hurt you deeply?

    4. How was forgiveness handled in your family?

    5. What was your best experience of forgiveness in religious community?

    6. What else would you like to say about forgiveness?

  6. Kelly says:

    My cup runth over, and for this I am grateful. Control should never be part of life, and meeting people where they are at should be our goal. The best example of this is, my 23 year old son is about to go skydiving. I will go and watch while praying th rosary.

  7. Sister Anne Marie Lom says:

    How true. We can't control others or their decisions. Praying the rosary is a great idea. Mary knew what it was like to “let her son go his way” and yet stand with him in love and care. Thank you for posting!

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