Franciscans Raise Consciousness of Respect for Work and Dignity of Workers

by Sister Julie Ann on February 5, 2011

Did you know that at any point in time, approximately 2.5 million persons are victims of trafficking, at least one third of whom are trafficked for economic purposes other than sexual exploitation? Continuing to study and apply Catholic Social Teaching in monthly community discussions, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are focusing on the principle of dignity of work and respect for workers. This includes growing in awareness of human trafficking.

Educational endeavors provide many opportunities to apply this theme of Catholic social doctrine. Acknowledging school-work as a participation in the on-going work of creation is one place to start. Creating a climate of appreciation for all workers and volunteers along with praying especially for those who produce our food and manufacture our goods is another natural daily conscious-raising action. Can you think of others?

Franciscans International is producing an advocacy campaign to raise awareness about the trafficking of women and girls based upon first hand knowledge received from Religious Communities.  Franciscan Federation is also considering a resolution on human trafficking.

Human trafficking affects men, women and children in their deepest being. From recruitment to exploitation, trafficked persons lose their identity and desperately struggle against a situation that reduces them into slavery. Read more here.
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  1. Kklackner says:

    This is a great week-end to consider this issue. Sporting events, especially large events such as the Super Bowl, are specific scenes of human trafficking. Many organizations have focused energies on the Super Bowl to stop human trafficking and raise awareness of its presence at these events. Let us pray for the victims and perpetrators.

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