Blessed are College Students Involved in Catholic Newman Prayer, Preaching & Dinner

by Sister Julie Ann on February 18, 2011

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Mary Ann Spanjers was present for the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point Catholic Newman Busy Student Retreat: Blessed are they. Blessed are you.

Franciscan Sister Mary Ann Spanjers with College students

Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity Sister Mary Ann Spanjers was one of the UW of Stevens Point Catholic Newman Busy Student Retreat directors February 13-17, 2011.

Prayer, preaching and dinner gathered together over 80 students for growing in their relationship with God and community-building February 13-17, 2011.

Pastor Father Tom Linders and Campus Minister Wendy Mitch organized the days. Retreatants were assigned to a particular director,  invited to have a half-hour of uninterrupted quiet, read/reflect on daily Eucharistic readings, journal, as well as participate in evening prayer/preaching and daily Eucharist. Of course, good, home-style meals drew the hungry of body and soul.

Here are some questions Sister Mary Ann used with the students:

  • What is your hope for this week of retreat?
  • What signs have you experienced in your life? What is a sign you would like to receive?
  • What are your fears? your strengths? Make a list of these.
  • What do you pass every day without taking notice? Where would you like more clarity in your life?
  • What are sacred places for you? Where do you go to find peace?

5 thoughts on “Blessed are College Students Involved in Catholic Newman Prayer, Preaching & Dinner”

  1. Being part of U.W.Stevens Point Newman is such a blessing! The faith commitment of Fr. Tom, the pastor, Wendy, the campus minister, Lee, Deb, Bonnie and all who support these really neat university students is an enlivening experience of the Holy Spirit!

    The young women I was blessed to walk with this week are beautiful, inspiring, fun, and truly desiring to grow in their relationship with Jesus in the Church! Truly all of the many students that participated in the retreat were delightful and engaging! My prayers are with this community of faith!

  2. Sannmary says:

    God bless you, Sister Mary Ann! What a wonderful way to help young people to grow closer to God.

  3. Leslie (Postulant) says:

    The Busy Student Retreat is a blessing. Thanks Sr. Mary Ann for be a part of it. I took part in the BSR for five years and I always felt that imense spiritual growth took place.

  4. It is wonderful to be part of the journey with you here too Leslie!

  5. Thanks Sister Ann Mary! Special greeting to all in Yuma!

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