How St. Anthony’s Feast Becomes Franciscan Reception Day

by Sister Julie Ann on June 13, 2010

Franciscan Novitiate Community

Sister Pamela Catherine Peasel (Second Year Novice), Sister Monica Martin, Sister Natalie Binversie (Novice Directress) and Sister Isabelle Wilhelm began living the Franciscan life together on June 13, 2010.

June 13 is one of those red-marked days found on a Franciscan calendar. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity chose to make St. Anthony of Padua’s feastday truly notable by celebrating the Rite of Initiation into Religious Life , a ceremony of passage for new members who desire to learn and live our way of life. This year Sister Isabelle (Marie) Wilhelm and Sister Monica (Kara) Martin received their Sister names and began their  journey of living the evangelical counsels of chastity, poverty and obedience while learning the essentials of Religious Life. 

Originally from Manitowoc, WI and Grand Rapids, MI, the  new Novices with Directress Sister Natalie Binversie, OSF, second year Novice Sister Pamela Catherine Peasel, OSF, with the assistance of few other professed Sisters will build community with each other in a specially designated place within the Motherhouse.

Our Franciscan Community remembers our Sisters in special way on birthdays and on the date of our individual patron saint’s feastday. St. Elizabeth of Portugal (July 4) and St. Monica (August 27) now hold additional significance on our particular Franciscan Community calendar.

Traditionally, those who are received into the Novitiate at the same time choose a title and celebrate an additional feastday together. This year the Sister and Sister decided on the title Proclaimers of the Kingdom celebrated on the feast of Christ the King.

31 thoughts on “How St. Anthony’s Feast Becomes Franciscan Reception Day”

  1. Welcoming our new Novices, Sister Monica and Sister Isabelle, into our Franciscan Community is a blessing for all of us! Their joy is wonderful, it is a renewal for us as we celebrate our life of Gospel living with Jesus and each other! I am so happy to walk with these young Sisters and have the opportunity to share life with them!

  2. Smariadele says:

    Sister Isabelle and Sister Monica, we are so happy to welcome you as the newest members of our Religious Community. May God continue to bless you and fill you with His peace and Joy!
    Sister Mariadele

  3. sisterannemarielom says:

    Congratulations, peace and all good things to you, Sister Isabelle and Sister Monica, as you deepen your understanding of our life and open your hearts more deeply to God who desires your love. Know of my daily prayer for you, Sister Natalie, Sister Pamela Catherine and all who walk with you on this journey!

  4. srsharon says:

    Sr. Isabelle, Sr. Monica–CONGRATULATIONS to you as you proceed in your journey of Religious Life. What a BLESSING to our Community! Sr. Pamela Catherine, you now have some “companions on the journey.” God's choicest blessings to you and your Directess, Sr. Natalie. A prayer for each of YOU! In Gratitude, Sr. Sharon Paul

  5. Sjune says:

    Congratulations Sister Isabelle and Sister Monica as you enter the Novitate
    I like your new names and I have been a proud member of the Postulant team.
    God’s blessings as you continue your journey.

  6. I am so glad to see Kara and Marie become Sister Monica and Sister Isabelle! These gals are wonderful and are a great addition to your community!

  7. Meghan says:

    Sr. Isabelle and Sr. Monica! I'm sooooooooooooo happy for you both! Blessings!

  8. Geralynne says:

    Congratulations and best wishes and prayers for each of you!

  9. Snatalie says:

    Sister Isabelle and Sister Monica, a new and special journey has begun. I look forward to this year with you and Sister Pamela Catherine. The Novitiate Community is being blessed by all the prayers and support of so many who are on this journey with us. Most of all, we thank God and praise Him.

  10. Pupekb says:

    Kara, I'm so proud of you….what a beautiful young lady you have become. Congratulations Sister Monica….Love to you, Beth Pupek

  11. srsharon says:

    WELCOME! I am so happy to call you both Sister! Your reception brings to mind my own and renews my faith in responding to my call to be a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity. May God continue to bless you on your journey to full committment to our Lord. Will keep you, Sr. Pamela Catherine, and Sr. Natalie in prayer.

    When I post this it comes up as Sr. Sharon but this is me…Sr. Joellen!

  12. srsharon says:

    WELCOME! I am so happy to call you both Sister! Your reception brings to mind my own and renews my faith in responding to my call to be a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity. May God continue to bless you on your journey to full committment to our Lord. Will keep you, Sr. Pamela Catherine, and Sr. Natalie in prayer.

    When I post this it comes up as Sr. Sharon but it really is Sr. Joellen…who knows?

  13. Maggie Mcconnaha says:

    Congratulations Sister Monica and Sister Isabelle! I know you guys will love this life!

  14. Ashley Anhalt says:

    Congrats Sister Monica and Sister Isabelle. I am so happy for you! Blessings on both of you. 🙂

  15. Sister Monica and Sister Isabelle not only look great, but they appear so natural as Franciscan Sisters. Who would think they are not even a week old yet? Thanks for taking the time to comment here. May the Lord bless you and all those who lives you touch.

  16. Sr. Monica says:

    Wow, Beth! That's so cool that you found this website! Thank you so much! I love you, too!

  17. Sr. Monica says:

    Thank you everyone for your welcome to Sr. Isabelle and me as we begin our journey as novices. It is an exciting adventure, and I am grateful for all of the prayers.

  18. Expect prayers for your continued trek through the Novitiate. May all you are learning focus your attention on the Lord and His love for you.

  19. Shelena says:

    Congratulation and welcome to Community Sister Isabelle and Sister Monica! I was in retreat during the past week and held you in prayer as I will in the future. May each day be a growth day of love through the good times and the hard times. You will never be alone. God Bless the Novitate Community!

  20. Lgoni502 says:

    I'm so happy for both of you. My family and I prayed for you ALOT on your special day. You both look beautiful and full of joy.

  21. Sister Rosangela says:

    Sister Monica and Sister Isabelle, what beautiful names. I was so sorry I had to miss your Reception, but you were in my thoughts and prayers. You look truly radiant and full of joy.

  22. Sister Theresa Schleis says:

    Many Blessing's to our two new novices Sister Isabelle and Sister Monica.It has been great living with you these months.

    I also have seen what good example you have given to me. I also know you are also trying to be very prayerful Sister's

    Keep climbing Gods ladder of love,I know he will help you on each step you take . Just know my prayer's are with you both . With Love

  23. Sannmary says:

    Sister Monica and Sister Isabelle, welcome to the Community. I know you will be a great addition. My prayers are with you.

  24. Sister Renita says:

    This is really neat! I wondered what the Reception would be like because I haven't been home at this time for many years. I was very impressed! The Novices were so happy and so excited! The ceremony itself was simple yet most solemn. You could see their comittment and their sincerity. God bless you both. Know that I will be praying for you daily. May you walk with God and God with you. Welcome to our community and to the joy you will find here.
    Sister Renita

  25. Sr. Isabelle says:

    Thank you to everyone for all your prayers and support and comments during this special time for Sr. Monica and me. I am very happy to be apart of this community and to share my life here.

  26. Sister Ann Jjoachim says:

    I am very proud of Sister Isabelle and Monica as deeply spiritual and happy religious. May they be further blessed with the graces of novitiate and be the same happy religious remaining with us

  27. Mary Clark-Kaiser says:

    Sister Monica, I am so happy for you. God bless your years of novitiate.

    Campus Minsitry is doing well. Aquinas is beautiful in the fall and I am enjoying the colors.

    with Christ's peace, Mary

  28. Indeed, we have wonderful memories of our visit to your campus. Fall must add its own beauty.

  29. Sister Monica (novice) says:

    Thank you, Mary! I am so grateful to know you and to have had you as a spiritual director! I am glad that Campus Ministry is doing well! I am praying for the Fall Break Service Learning Trips and the next CYBIAC retreat!

  30. Izasoc says:


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