Celebrate Earth Day in the Franciscan Way

by Sister Julie Ann on April 14, 2010

Catholic Silver Lake College E-cycle Winner

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity-sponsored Silver Lake College Wins E-cycle Challenge

Who was the first to collect 25, 000 (really 37, 000) pounds of outdated computers, laptops, desktop printers, fax machines, and video players as a 40th observance of Earth Day project in the Manitowoc, WI area? Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity-sponsored Silver Lake College of the Holy Family won the E-cycle college challenge against Lakeshore Technical College.

Together both colleges totalled 50, 000 pounds of old, but renewable electronics from moving to landfills and possibly contamonating Sister Water (St. Francis words for this precious natural resource). A simple-recyclable cardboard sign announced the contest was over.

Earth Day came to be because a Wisconsin senator, Gaylord Nelson, was driven in his concern about the environment. Begun in 1962 through a nationwide grassroots demonstration, this day prompts action and fits hand in hand with the Franciscan value of reverence for creation. 

 St. Francis of Assisi  came to realize that all creation was a reflection of the truth, goodness, and beauty of its Maker. In the beauty of the world, he encountered Beauty Itself. He sensed the unity, solidarity, and interdependence of all creation which inspired him to call creatures his brothers and sisters.

-Silver Lake College Website

More coverage forthcoming. Click here to see other activities planned for Saturday at Silver Lake College.

6 thoughts on “Celebrate Earth Day in the Franciscan Way”

  1. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    Congratulations students of Silver Lake and Lakeshore Technical on collecting and recycling. SPRING has a way of bringing out CLEAN-UP doesn't it?
    Around here schools are cleaning up paper, etc. and even West Point creates a day in which a clean-up is scheduled for volunteers within the city limits. Yes, St. Francis would be proud, right? Keep up the good work!

  2. Sister Julie Ann says:

    A real kinship with all of creation is evident in all these examples. How wonderful to be moved to action with others!

  3. Today was such a wonderful, beautiful spring/summer day, it is even more evident of our need to care for God's creation as I saw so many people outside enjoying life!

  4. sisterannette says:

    It is so good to see all of the effort the Sisters, faculty, staff and students of Silver Lake are putting into recyling and conserving our earth. Congratulations on winning the E-cycle College challenge. We all need to make this same effort. Here at St. Mary's we try to do our part and recycle what ever the city handles. Thank you for spreading awareness and for living out this value of St. Francis.

  5. sisterannemarielom says:

    I was a student at SLC when Earth Day was initiated. Sister Julia Van Denack was the biology, ecology teacher. Her enthusiasm was contagious! I see the spirit of reverence for the earth is still going strong!

  6. sisterkayklackner says:

    It was a crazy but fun day to see so many people willing to do their part to recycle properly. The Earth Day activities on Saturday were also wonderful. There were so many exhibits and many people enjoying all the activities and information.

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