Sent to Serve in Four Mission Sites

by Sister Julie Ann on January 7, 2010

What do postulants and novices do during their semester breaks? Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity sent their postulants and novices on formative mission experiences January 2-10, 2010. These service opportunities enable new members to learn more about the spirit and life of the Congregation by enjoying smaller local community living in various geographical locations while shadowing the Sisters’ rewarding ministries.

So where did they go?

img_7138.jpgSt. Peter the Fisherman Convent, Two Rivers, WI is Kara Martin’s temporary home. Six Franciscan Sisters hope to share their full lives at St. Peter the Fisherman School and St. Peter the Fisherman Parish this week. Although Kara’s own love for teaching will be fed with her interactions with children,  she will also be exposed to the many ministries found in one of today’s active parishes.

Marie Wilhelm is learning about religious life at St. Clare Convent, Manitowoc, WI. Eight Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity live in a community owned home which borders Holy Family Memorial Medical Center, one of the Franciscan Sisters’ sponsored Manitowoc health care network sites. Marie will witness not only the current Sisters in the health network and at St. Francis of Assisi Parish, but she will become more aware of all possible roles of service.

img_5710.jpgLiving in community with six Franciscan Sisters in a large Southern-looking residence that is within walking distance of St. Benedict School, Sister Pamela Catherine Peasel, OSF is in Cambridge, Ohio. The religious women here are very much involved in Christ Our Light Parish, a three worship site Catholic Community, as well as in various ministries of education at the school.  

Sister Chiara La Valley, OSF is also in the state of Ohio. At Good Samaritan Convent, Zanesville, four Franciscan Sisters are involved in meaningful work at Genesis HealthCare System. Since Sister Chiara is in the process of becoming a nurse, she is excited about seeing the day to day workings of this Franciscan health care organization.

Any thoughts about these experiences?

23 thoughts on “Sent to Serve in Four Mission Sites”

  1. I remember being in formation and having “Mission Experiences.” There was this excitement of living with the sisters on a smaller mission and being allowed to help in the ministry, with the convent chores and relating to sisters on that local mission. For me it was an affirmation that I “belonged” in this community and that what seemed like “long” years of preparation would result in being prepared to be more effective and skilled in ministry. I am praying for our four newest members that they be blessed with positive and productive experiences!

  2. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    Very pleasant memories surface on my Mission Experiences. Sr. Diane Wimmer, a superb primary teacher was my mentor and to this day I can THANK her over and over again for her expertise and guidance. Sr. Thea was the LD and she was from Ohio so that in itself was a plus. Kara, hope you enjoyed your experience at Two Rivers. Was the teaching mostly Religion? Sr. Joanne Heinritz and I went to Kellnersville to teach for two wks.It was all Religion and we made up our Lesson Plans and wrote out everything word for word our plan of action and guess what?? By noon, I had covered everything and we had a half a day left so one of the Srs. there recommended I take some Gospel Stories. Ha Ha!
    Marie, imagine you had a good experience living with the St. Clare Srs. who minister in many areas which allows for creativity & flexibility.
    Sr. Pamela, you were at St. Benedict’s Cambridge, one of my ole hangouts as I was Principal there–a FEW YEARS ago!! How did you like the HOUSE and that stairway? Every Halloween we would dress up in our costumes and one by one would come down that stairway modeling our get-ups! Sr. Chiara, you are in my hometown and am sure you had much to see and absorb with the changing health system and the two parishes. Did you get down the RIVER, Highway 60 South? Did you figure out that our MAIN STREET now is MAPLE AVENUE? Blessings to each of YOU as you have many memories and experiences to PONDER as you continue on your journey and as you know you are all in prayer!

  3. Marie Wilhelm says:

    I am reading this article as my mission experience comes to an end. I learned many many things about the healthcare industry. I didn’t realize how active our community was in this industry and all that they do for the community. It was very fascinating to job shadow all eight sisters at St. Clare convent and I am very thankful to them for taking the time to show me all that they do in their ministries. This was a very valuable time of learning for me and I am really enjoying my stay. I don’t want to leave…..

  4. Marie,

    I know the feeling of “not wanting to leave”. Serving in active ministry in our community has been a real joy and blessing for me. I never want “to leave” what I am doing… but… there will be more opportunities in the future. I’m so glad this was a good experience for you. Mission experience helped so much in my discernment regarding my call to religious life in our community.

  5. Sister Rosangela says:

    I am happy our Postulants and Novices had such meaningful Mission experiences and enjoyed their time away from the Motherhouse. I am also glad they are back, and it will be good to see their smiling faces again!! You have a lot to look forward to in community life and in serving in various ministries.

  6. Sister June says:

    These experiences for the Postulants and Novices are vital to becoming a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity. It exposes them to our ministries in our hospitals and schools. God’s blessings on the Postulants and Novices as they continue their journey towards becoming a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity.

  7. It is great to have the Postulants and Novices back here at the Motherhouse with another new experience to share! Our life with Jesus and each other is always an adventure and ever new!

  8. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    I am glad you had new mission experiences this year. My students at Clarks Mills asked about you, Sr. Pamela Catherine. They wanted to know if you were still studying to be a Sister. I said yes, that you are a Novice.
    You left a strong impression on them and I really enjoyed having you here last year. The students felt your kindness and concern.

  9. Sister Pat Sevcik says:

    It was so good to have Marie and Kara return full of excitement and enthusiasm as a result of having lived on a small mission for one week.I thank each of our Sisters at St. Peter the Fisherman and St. Clare for being such gracious hostesses, and for teaching Kara and Marie about our life by the way you live and minister to others.God bless each of you!

  10. Conner says:

    Hi Sister Pamela Catherine! My name is Conner and I remember you coming here last year during the school year. I am from Clarks Mills school, you came here with Sister Delores and that is when you were just starting to become a sister. Not to long ago one of the students in my class questioned about you during religion class. So today Sister Delores showed us this website and she said that a couple of people could say hi to you. So we are all just wondering how you are doing. May God Bless You and I hope that you become a Sister soon! 🙂

    Conner (Clarks Mills School)

  11. Jaimie Jaeger says:

    Hello my name is Jaimie i am the youngest in my family . I have two sisters one Jenna she is a seinor and Justine she has one kid and going on to she is having a boy and has a boy named Cole and Camden Goldbeck ! I live in Cato Wi. Any questions be free to ask !!

    By Jaimie Jaeger

  12. Sister Natalie says:

    The Charism of the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity is found where each Sister resides. The “mission experience” for the Postulants and Novices gives an opportunity to share our life and ministries and the many blessings we hold as a Community. Thank you for providing a “hands on” experience of living our Franciscan Charism!

  13. Carmen says:

    Hi my name is Carmen and whats it like to visit and help other people? I still don’t know what i want to be when i grow up. Have you always wanted to be a sister(well almost a sister). I think it might be fun to be a sister and help people. Do you like it there? What do you do in your spare time? Do you right poems and sing song or play any instrument. I have a older brother and sister and sometime they tease me. My Dad died when i was 2 1/2 years old. Bye.

  14. Thanks so much for writing Carmen, Jaimie and Connor! It is neat to hear from students from Clarks Mills! I will make sure to let Sister Pamela Catherine know that you are on our blog so that she can respond to your questions! Do check out our song of the month too!

  15. I was happy to see students from Clarks Mills joining in on the conversation regarding our newest members and their experiences. I hope we can hear from other students!

    Thanks to Sr. Delores for sharing!

  16. Sister Chiara says:

    I had a wonderful mission experience in Zanesville. I learned and saw a lot at our Genesis Health Care System. I was able to attend different meetings, which helped me to get to know the Hospital. Genesis is really doing a great job of putting the mission of providing compassionate quality health care into practice.
    The Sisters were very nice and made me feel right at home. There is a wonderful atmosphere in their house! Thank you all for this wonderful experience.

  17. Sister Chiara says:

    Dear Connor,
    It is wonderful to be able to visit and help other people. I really enjoy healthcare, so to be able to help out in the infirmary here at the motherhouse when it is needed is a great privilege. 🙂
    No I have not always wanted to be a Sister. I had many different things I wanted to do when I was going through school. However, when I did decide that this is where God was calling me, and I stopped fighting it, a great peace and joy came over me. It took me a few years, many prayers, and different experiences to lead me to that decision though. It is well worth it though!
    I love being here! I know this is where God is calling me. However, like anything you do in life, there are good days and not so good days, however that peace and joy of doing what God has called me to do has never left me.
    In my spare time, I read, play flute or piano, go for walks, answer blogs :), work on puzzles and many other little things like that.
    I understand what you mean by your older siblings teasing you. I also have an older brother; he teased me a lot growing up too.
    I am sorry to hear that you lost your father at a young age. 🙁
    May God bless you as you discern what he is calling you to do. Know that you will be in my prayers!

  18. Sister Chiara says:

    Sister Sharon Paul,
    I am not sure if I did get down the RIVER, hwy 60 South. I might have, but I am not very good with street names. I am better with landmarks. What is along that hwy?
    Your hometown is very nice. Zanesville is very historic looking. I really enjoyed being there! Thank you for writing.

  19. oneida says:

    Hi sister, I was wondering how it feels like to be a sister and how you work all those people? and have you ever excerpriced talking to God because if you have I was wondering what it felt like? and how deos feel to go spend time with so many people and teach them about God? And is it fun being a sister?

  20. Dylan Leonhard says:

    Hi Sister Pamela Catherine,Hope you are doing great!!!.Hope it won’t be long before you become a sister.Hope you are enjoing your time.Good luck and enjoy yourself!!!!


  21. Sister Pamela Catherine says:

    Hello to the students at Clarks Mills!! How wonderful it is to hear from you all! Has a year truly already passed since I last saw you? I’m so happy you all wrote and do hope all is well and you are enjoying your school year. I’m also happy to report that I am doing wonderfully here in Manitowoc! I’m truly enjoying my life as a sister thus far, or as some may phrase it, “sister in training.” You all have many great questions, hopefully I can answer them all.

    Visiting and helping other people is a very rewarding experience for me, one I truly enjoy! It is wonderful to see others smile, to take the time and help them with their needs.
    I didn’t always want to be a sister. In fact, I wanted to get married and have children of my own someday. But, God works in our lives in both mysterious and marvelous ways and the call to be a sister was much stronger than that of married life.
    My day is filled with many activities. I’m in class on Monday and Wednesdays mornings, studying the New Testament. I also help in the kitchen, preparing the meals for the day and I help set up for mass during the week.
    In my spare time I enjoy reading, praying and taking walks. We play cards often. Are any of you familiar with SkipBo? We also do outdoor activities, volleyball, sledding, ice skating… In fact, this year we even went strawberry, cherry and carrot picking!
    Do I write poems, sing songs or play an instrument? Actually I do all three, not all at once of course. I began my first piano lessons this year! Do either of you play an instrument or sing or write poetry?
    There are many ways different ways I talk to God throughout the day. It can be in writing my poetry, singing, listening to music, taking a walk, even visiting another person.

    Thank you all again for writing, for your well wishes and prayers! It was a wonderful surprise to hear from you! Blessings on the remainder of you school year!

    In prayer,
    Sister Pamela Catherine

  22. Being back in Zanesville these days, I’ve heard of the good memories our Franciscan Sisters and the people have of our Sister-Novices’ January visits. Sister Chiara and Sister Pamela Catherine, so good you could get a taste of ‘what is to come’ as you feed on the memories and grow deeper in your relationship with God.

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