Applaud Pope Benedict XVI’s Calling Francis Authentic Giant of Holiness

by Sister Julie Ann on January 29, 2010

francisclare-copy.jpgThe Franciscan spirit lives. While continuing his weekly general audience catechetical-natured talks on the Christian culture of the Middle Ages including the lives of noteworthy saints on January 27, 2010, Pope Benedict XVI called St. Francis of Assisi“an authentic giant of holiness”. 

You’ll want click here to read the English text. 

Here are a few important reasons why this 13th century saint is a model of Gospel living today for the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity and for the world:

  • dedicated to Christ, poor and suffering
  • completely committed to the renewal of the Church in holiness and to the preaching of the Gospel
  • devoted to the Eucharist, as the sacrament of Christ’s real presence
  • lived simply
  • reverently respected God’s creation
  • sensitively entered into dialogue with people of other religions

Catholic News Service offers a  compact summary of the pope’s comments acclaiming St. Francis as an authentic interpreter of the Gospel for current times.

Desire to learn more about Francis? Consider a discernment retreat.

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5 thoughts on “Applaud Pope Benedict XVI’s Calling Francis Authentic Giant of Holiness”

  1. As members of Franciscans International this message from the Holy Father is a reinforcement of our goals.

    Franciscans International is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) with General Consultative status at the UN, uniting the voices of Franciscan brothers and sisters from around the world. We operate under the sponsorship of the Conference of the Franciscan Family (CFF) and serve all Franciscans and the global community by bringing spiritual, ethical, and Franciscan values to the United Nations and international organisations.

    We closely follow the tradition of Saint Francis and Saint Clare, striving to put Franciscan ideals into practice at the international level. We are guided by the Saints’ loving concern for the poor, care of creation, and peacemaking. As the poorest people are being exploited in systemic ways, and global peace is increasingly threatened, Franciscan commitment is needed more urgently than ever.

    Franciscans around the world run schools, hospitals, Justice and Peace offices, shelters, and specialise in many services for the poor. Our programmes at FI bring grassroots Franciscans to the United Nations forums in New York and Geneva, influencing international human rights standards and bringing witness to human rights violations.

    Franciscans International is supported by the freewill offerings of Franciscan communities and our partners. A large part of our funding comes from individuals who support Franciscan work for human rights, care for creation, and peacemaking. FI’s advocacy programmes are designed in response to Franciscan needs worldwide and depend on ongoing generosity.

    As Pope Benedict stated, “Love for other people and for all God’s creatures is born from love of Christ.” Becoming informed of how to connect with larger organizations to live the Gospel together, goes a long way in our expression of love.

  2. Franciscan spirituality is rich with examples for authentic contemporary living. Check out
    for a retreat called “Lessons from St. Francis” which I will facilitate June 4-6. Maybe you’d like to join us for a deeper look at the life and spirituality of St. Francis!

  3. Sister Sharon Paul says:

    Thank you for sharing this talk of Pope Benedict XVI. I believe too that St. Francis is a SAINT for ALL times. What struck me while reading the synopsis of his talk given on Jan. 27, 2010 at Paul VI Auidience Hall was this sentence: “The life & teaching of St. Francis has inspired countless people to the imitation of Christ through the embrace of INWARD and OUTWARD poverty.” I’ve been meditating on that phrase: “Inward & Outward poverty.” To me, ST. Francis not only preached the GOSPEL, he lived it INWARDLY and OUTWAARDLY and His SOURCE of strength was His Devotion and Reception of the daily EUCHARIST. This holiness takes a LIFETIME and beyond inwardly that can be lived outwardly but it’s a HUGE challenge AND each of us our Life’s WORK and JOURNEY. Keep moving forward one step at a time! ( Sometimes a few steps backward as well! HA!)

  4. A giant is no small title of distinction. Words well chosen for this simple, Jesus-modeling man of Assisi whose spirit is larger than his solitary small-framed life. Thanks Pope Benedict for your comments.

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