Download ‘Through the Mystery’ by Martha’s Trouble

by Sister Julie Ann on September 1, 2009


jen.jpgRealizing September often brings new encounters and experiences whether in school or work environments, the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity’s Song of the Month features “Through the Mystery’ performed by Martha’s Trouble and also written by Rob and Jennifer Slocumb.”Forget October’ , the cd from which this musical selection is taken, is ‘a mix of songs about honest experiences and real people, a contemporary music production with some edge.’

About Martha’s Trouble

The pop/rock duo Martha’s Trouble were formed by the husband-and-wife team of singer Jennifer Slocumb and guitarist Rob Slocumb, Ontario, Canada in 1994. The duo later relocated to Auburn, AL and thereafter spit their time between Auburn and their former Canada home. They released their debut album, Tale of a Foreigner, on their own Aisling label in 1998. It was followed by The Road Ahead (February 5, 2000), the holiday EP Christmas Lights (November 2002), Sleeping Dogs (2003), Still (April 2003), Forget October (2005), and the EP EP (February 2008). For their second holiday recording, This Christmas, released November 11, 2008, the Slocumbs added guitarist Jacob Blount as a bandmember.

Title: Through the Mystery

Written By: Rob & Jen Slocumb 

Length: 3:29

Published By: ManyMilesMusic, ASCAP 2004


The water feels cool on my face

As it falls from above

Telling me I belong

Telling me that the sky won’t fall 

I’m waiting for something greater

And I’m trying to be strong

I just feel so small

Sometime so unable 

So come and take these chains that surround me

Help me find my way through the mystery 

I just don’t know why

I am feeling so blue

I’ll just close my eyes

And all I see is you 

So come and take these chains that surround me

Help me find my way through the mystery 

And when I am cold You warm my heart

You pick me up to the place where I needed to be 

So come and take these chains that surround me

Help me find my way through the mystery


58 thoughts on “Download ‘Through the Mystery’ by Martha’s Trouble”

  1. Such powerfully positive comments! Thanks for taking the time to add your voice of praise for our Franciscanized World Artists.

  2. i really like how this website makes it easy for teens to get informed and i enjoy the song too thanks guys keep up then great work

  3. Beautiful lyrics to a beautiful song. We all feel down somethings, we all feel small sometimes, but the Lord has a purposes for us, so smile and rejoice in him.

  4. Gentlemen, thanks for taking the time to comment. May we all find the way that we can best serve our neighbor.

  5. Eric says:

    i thought the song was really relaxing and also very insprirational. it has very good lyrics. some of the words were very meaningful to me. it brought a smile to me

  6. Eric, it sounds like this song is a keeper. Thanks for letting us know your thoughts.

  7. Grade 6 SaintTheresa School HI says:

    That was a good song because we liked the singer, the tune,the ideas and the lyrics of the song.
    We send our aloha.
    Grade Six at Saint Theresa School in Hawaii

  8. It is so neat to hear from you 6th graders and Sister Carol Ann, your music teacher in HI! The song does mean a lot to many adults and students! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

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