Why the Franciscan Sisters’ Door County Music Outreach was Fruitful

by Sister Julie Ann on August 1, 2009

Holy Name of Mary Parish is found in Maplewood, an unincorporated community formed at the intersection of two img_6212.jpgWisconsin highways. Some Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity and four young women arrived in this Door County destination on August 1, 2009, the eve of the Franciscan feast of Our Lady of the Angels, to lead the music for the Saturday evening Eucharistic Celebration.

Here are just a few reasons why this day was especially fruitful:

  • Being the second time this faith community welcomed the Sisters for Saturday evening liturgy, the congregational singing was full.
  • The four young women, all musicians, assisted with putting up song book numbers, carrying instruments and leading the singing in the church choir loft.
  • Father Bob Konkol, OFM, who serves the parish, is an ever friendly Franciscan brother.
  • It was fitting to be in a church dedicated to Mary on the eve of the Feast of Our Lady of the Angels of the Portiuncula. For Franciscans this feast has a special Portiuncula Indulgence.  

img_6211.jpg“The Portiuncula indulgence is the first plenary indulgence that was ever granted in the Church. There were indeed indulgences at all times, but they were only partial, and only a partial remission of the temporal punishments could be obtained by them. But, as already remarked, he who gains the Portiuncula indulgence is freed from all temporal punishments and becomes as pure as after holy baptism. This was also the reason why Pope Honorius was astonished when St. Francis petitioned for the confirmation of this indulgence, for such an indulgence, up to that time, bad been entirely unknown. It was only after he had come to the conviction that Jesus Christ himself wished it, that he granted the petition of the saint and confirmed the indulgence”.

  • The Door County experience was complete with picking red, ripe cherries and enjoying a picnic in an orchard not far from the church.

9 thoughts on “Why the Franciscan Sisters’ Door County Music Outreach was Fruitful”

  1. What a great gift to share the weekend with young women who are so filled with life, generosity, faith, and hope! It was a neat weekend and the parishioners of this parish are a blessing to us!

  2. Father Roch Niemier, OFM presents some powerful reasons why the ‘Porziuncola’ is the heart and center of Francis and Clare in the book ‘In the Footsteps of Francis and Clare’. It seems appropriate to quote a bit here:

    Here Francis began his religious life, understanding his vocation and life direction through hearing the Gospel.

    Here his life and vocation developed.

    Here the first brotherhood developed and flourished around a small chapel in the woods with rush huts nearby.

    Here a definite lifestyle grew and developed, and a formation into Franciscan life took place.

    Here Francis received the promise of the pardon from Jesus Christ through Mary. We know this as the Porziuncola Indulgence. When asked why he wanted to do this, he answered, “I want to send everyone to Paradise.”

    Here on Palm Sunday night, 1212, Clare was received into the community and her hair shorn…

  3. Marie Wilhelm says:

    I had a great time this last weekend. Everything turning out really amazing. I loved meeting with Meghan and I had a fun time singing with everyone at the church. It was so exciting to go cherry picking and have a picnic right in the orchard. I had been wanting to go cherry picking for a long time.The Good Lord granted that wish for me!The day couldn’t have turned out any better.

  4. It will be so good to have you join us for Music Outreach as one of our Postulants Marie! I’m glad that you enjoyed the day, topped off with the cherries!

  5. I followed the links given above for the Portiuncula and loved reading and remembering again my Assisi Pilgrimage and the visit to this holy spot. Anyone reading this… do follow the links to read or reread the dear spot that the Portiuncula held in the heart of Francis.

    Thank you for posting the pictures of the music ministers and parish members. The happy faces speak to me of Franciscan joy and the sheer blessing of being alive.

  6. Lucy Schmitz says:

    Your visit to my parish was wonderful and I enjoyed singing with everyone. Thank you for posting the pictures. Our parish really appreciates your visits.Thanks!

  7. Sister Sue Ann Hall says:

    I am so happy our sisters are able to share and participate with various parish their gift of music and singing; their smiles and Franciscan joy. We may never know how our presence, any ones presence, effects someone elses life: a smile, a pat on the hand, opening a door, letting another go first, a kind word, a listening ear. What a difference we can make in such a simple act. Thanks for exchanging life with another.

  8. What a wonderful Catholic event for my home county!

    Father Jason Blahnik

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