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by Sister Julie Ann on June 15, 2009

Hoping to share the spirit of Francis and Clare with the next generation,  Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity welcomed 11 young women high school, college and post college ages on July 15, 2009 to serve as  Camp Franciscan leaders.

Camp Franciscan begins officially July 16-18 with  40 younger (6-8 grade) campers joining the group.  Participants will make friends from 8 states, 9 (arch)dioceses, and 16 parishes.

On Monday Camp Franciscan Leaders

  • interacted in various settings
  • toured the Motherhouse grounds
  • learned about this year’s camp patron saints of Francis, Bonaventure, Clare and Elizabeth of Hungary
  • gained helpful information that will make the camp activities run smoothly in the days ahead

img_5721.jpgBeginning 1 p.m. Tuesday all  campers will start fine art sessions and enjoy recreational time together.  Significant time will be devoted to growing in their relationship with God.  Important to the camp’s theme “Choose Christ’ are the presence of priests. Salvatorian, Franciscan and diocesan priests will be assisting with this year’s sacramental needs.

CYE (Catholic Youth Expeditions) staff will assist with bonfire activities on Tuesday evening.

Jayme Dawicki, featured musician of the month on Franciscanized World,  will perform a special Camp Franciscan concert on Wednesday evening.

Follow Camp Franciscan on flick’r. Photos will be added each day of camp.

Read about  Camp Franciscan in the Herald Times Reporter. Charlie Mathews and Doug Sundin covered the story.

12 thoughts on “View How Camp Franciscan Participants Choose Christ”

  1. Sister Rosangela says:

    How wonderful to have these young people as willing leaders for Camp Franciscan. I hope and pray the camp will be a big success as in past summers. God bless all of you as well as all of our Sisters who are helping with the camp. I am looking forward to Wednesday night when you share with us.

  2. Sister Marcolette Madden says:

    Thanks for the “up to the minute” photo of the leadership team! – see you Wednesday evening for the skits.

  3. Sr. Delores Wisnicky says:

    Camp has begun. I was at the bonfire last night. The sharing and discussion showed an amazing depth to the girls here. They are searching for something deeper in life. God is certainly present. I feel blessed for working the camp and meeting these young people.

  4. I was thrilled to facilitate the leadership session on the four Franciscan saints on Monday. I learned as much as I taught and I was inspired by the holiness, the cheerfulness and the friendliness of each of the leaders.

    The two “sister novices” were a blessing since they could add comments and take care of so many practical matters.

    Sisters Julie Ann and Mary Ann were awesome coordinators, also. Prayers and blessings are sent your way each day!

  5. Scott McConnaha says:

    Just got a long e-mail from my daughter, Maggie, who is attending the camp. They got a little free time this morning and she must’ve found the computer room. She was so expressive and excited in her note. Sounds like Camp Franciscan is going to leave her with some wonderful memories, friends, and a new depth to her relationship with God. Thanks for such a wonderful program.

  6. Camp Franciscan is one opportunity that we Sisters grow in our appreciation for the nurturing presence of parents. Thanks, Scott, for your comment. We enjoyed Maggie and all the other campers’ enthusiasm. Check out the photos–we caught Maggie in one of her contemplative moments!

  7. Sister Marcolette Madden says:

    From the masking tape that matched the directive, “Francis, go build my Church,” to the exclamation, “Francis has gone GREEN,” last evening’s skits were enjoyable, fun, and inspiring. Many compliments to Sister Kathleen Murphy for her creativity and to all who helped support the performances.

    “Hats off” to our Sisters who are taking leadership and supportive roles in Camp Franciscan. There seems to be a unique and captivating energy that pervades this endeavor.

    Thank you.

  8. Bill Harvey says:

    To the entire community involved with the 2009 Camp Franciscan: Thank you all for sharing and being involved in the development of my daughter Kathryn. All evidence is that it was a fun, growing experience in many ways, especially spiritual.
    Lasting positive spiritual and intellectual impressions were left on Kathryn.
    Special thanks to Sisters Mary Ann and Julie Ann for their special roles in this endeavor!

  9. Thanks, Bill, for taking the time to comment. We so enjoyed getting to know Kathryn. Her interview (along with a few others of the campers) with Charlie Mathews appeared on the front page of the Herald Times Reporter today.

    Parents’ goodness is so often revealed in their children. Thanks for making it possible for Kathryn to come to Camp Franciscan.

  10. How great to hear from parents on this blog. You are the first formators of faith and we rely on you to give the next generation a firm foundation in faith. Thank you for doing that. I totally agree with Sr. Julie Ann, “the goodness of the parents is often revealed in their children.”
    Thank you for sharing your precious gift of children with us.

  11. We, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity,cherish our new found relationships with families through Camp Franciscan. We are renewed by our connections with past and present campers and other young women who are discerning God’s. God is good.

  12. In case you read this before a later entry, you may want to check out the beautiful Camp Franciscan bricks that adorn one of our flower gardens…

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