Catholic Discernment: Franciscan Sister Spiritual Director

by Sister Julie Ann on December 16, 2008

Sister Anne Marie Lom, OSF, reflects on her call to be a Catholic woman religious, as well as a trained spiritual director on staff at St. Raphael Parish, Oshkosh, WI.

As a child, Sister Anne Marie remembers her own community of Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity to be “happy, solid, practical women you could talk to…one like us.” Meeting with college students and others who desire to grow in daily spiritual practice,  she encourages her clients to contemplate “the daily Incarnation of Christ in the world”.

Read Sister Anne Marie’s article: So Many Choices, One Precious Life to Live.

56 thoughts on “Catholic Discernment: Franciscan Sister Spiritual Director”

  1. Sandy says:

    Having worked with Anne Marie and also having gone to her for spiritual discernment,her down to earth practicality and genuine caring for each person impress me tremendously. She is wise, practical, loving, and what you see is what you get. I consider her a good friend in the Body of Christ. Keep spreading the Kingdom!

  2. I am continually surprised to see each new comment appear on this blog and am so grateful to each of you for your affirmations and insights.

    As the New Year approaches, may we each look a bit more closely and listen a bit more carefully for God’s activity in our lives. It is subtle, it is gentle but ever so real!

  3. Kathleen Donnelly says:

    What a great insight into Sister Anne Marie’s life. You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your voice with us.

  4. Renae Bauer says:

    I’ve watched the videos of Sr. Pam and Sr. Ann Marie and they are EXCELLENT! As I mentioned to Sr. Pam and Sr. Mary Ann Spanjers, I have encouraged the Post-Crescent reporter to look at these clips as she prepares her story about how churches are using the internet to connect with young adults.

    Would you consider allowing the diocesan web site to link to your materials, particularly for prayer purposes and vocations promotions?

  5. Hi Renae!
    Thank you for the gracious comments! We would be happy to be linked to the Green Bay diocese website!
    Peace and all good,
    Sister Mary Ann

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