Thursday of Francis Fest: Praise God for Artists and Contemplative Action

by Sister Julie Ann on October 2, 2008

img_4664_1736.jpgSt. Francis of Assisi School Third Graders arrived at Holy Family Convent, home of many Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, on October 2, 2008, for an afternoon of touring, creating a luminating portrait of St. Francis and time for contemplating the outdoors. The young people brought much joy to the Sisters they met during their short time of visiting. All prayed  the traditional Angel of God prayer before boarding the school bus home.

img_4682_1754.jpgAt another location, guest icon artist Katherine de Shazer led a workshop in the creation of an illumination in iconic style at the Rahr-West Art Museum. Sponsored by the Rahr-West Art Museum and St. Francis of Assisi Parish, students enrolled in this class used mediums of antiquity, red clay and egg tempers to paint their illumination and learned about the writing of icons.

On this Thursday of Francis Fest, we remember and pray with St. Francis of Assisi for artists, masters of creative beauty.

One thought on “Thursday of Francis Fest: Praise God for Artists and Contemplative Action”

  1. Contemplative action takes various forms. Today the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity fast and abstain on the vigil of St. Francis. Some of us are also fulfilling a commitment on behalf of our entire community to be present in the 40 days of Life held in Green Bay.

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