Appleton Area Altar Servers Acknowledged

by Sister Julie Ann on August 22, 2008

chapelexterior1web.jpgOn the shores of picturesque Loon Lake, the  Appleton, WI, Serrans invited parish altar servers for a day at Camp Tekawitha. This place of fun and recreational enjoyment was founded in 1926 and serves the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay.

img_4509_1411.jpgAware that the altar servers are already faithful in their ministry to God and His people, the Serrans invited the Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity and representatives of the diocesan priesthood to be part of the day’s agenda. The Franciscan Sisters enthusiastically provided a session on the call to be a consecrated women religious and an invitation to Camp Franciscan 2009 to all the young women present.

Reflect on the youth you know that are involved in ministry to their local parishes and join us in thanking God for them.

2 thoughts on “Appleton Area Altar Servers Acknowledged”

  1. What a great group of young ladies! It was a joy to spend the morning with them! They are a wonderful hope for the growth of faith in the Church! Their commitment of service to Jesus in the Eucharist and all of God’s people is inspirational! Special thanks and blessings to all young people who are altar servers!!!

  2. Our Church is blessed with the gift of faith-filled, generous young people. Not only do these altar servers feel strongly about serving God’s people in their parish communities, but they witness a deep respect for all. Sister Mary Ann and I felt honored to be with you.

    Congratulations to the organizers of this event. Deacon Rick, Patricia, Mary Lynn and all the other adults and life guards, the Lord bless you! Special thanks to parents who support their children who desire to serve as altar servers!

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