Oshkosh Lifest: Franciscan Sisters Are Here

by Sister Julie Ann on July 9, 2008

img_4355_1150.jpgThe Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity are among the crowd at Lifest 2008, five days of Christian music, speakers, activities, comedy, fun, food and faith at Sunnyview Fairgrounds, Oshkosh, WI, July 9-13. This is the tenth anniversary of this event that draws Christian music enthusiasts from across the nation.

img_4351_1147.jpgFind the Franciscan Sisters in the Marketplace, enjoying conversation with those taking a break from other events, and handing out free Holy Ghost/Enkindle (song of the month on the Franciscanized World page) download pass-it-on cards and miniature Sister-made flip flops as simple give-away gifts. Friday evening the Sisters will be joining the Diocese of Green Bay for a camp cookout on the Lifest grounds. The Sisters promised to bring Holy Family Convent bakery favorites (chocolate chip cookies and rice krispie squares) to share. The final event for the Sisters will be the Eucharistic Liturgy celebrated at the fairgrounds on Sunday morning.

5 thoughts on “Oshkosh Lifest: Franciscan Sisters Are Here”

  1. LIFEST is always an exciting time to meet so many good people, listen to great music, learn about the wonderful outreach of numerous Christian Churches from around the world, and encourage each other to “walk in the footprints of Jesus!”

    If you are able, do come to our Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity booth for some “free” Sister-made flip flops! They are like none you have ever seen before!
    Peace and all Good!

  2. I am happy that Srs. Julie Ann and Mary Ann are able to stay at our convent for these LIFEST days.
    Happy 10th Anniversary to LIFEST and know that all participants are a blessing to our city of Oshkosh.

  3. Crocs are often advertised for
    • being soft,
    • super comfortable,
    • feeling like they are barely there
    • for keeping feet cool with their vented air passes.

    After experiencing more than one deluge of rain on Thursday evening that caused thick mud piles in parking areas on the Oshkosh fairgrounds, Sister Mary Ann and I learned cheap crocs are rainy day common sense for slip resistance and for wiping shoes clean. Would you agree St. Francis would approve of this plastic foot-gear?!

  4. Sister Pat Sevcik says:

    I vote, “yes,” for cheap crocs!…for some of the same reasons you give, Sister Julie Ann. I bought a pair for working in the garden. They can get as muddy as possible and then be washed with the hose. St. Francis would approve! I recently returned from helping Sister Carla, a classmate, on a couple of projects in Tucson, Arizona. A Board she serves on, recently received formal status for their Boys and Girls Club. Congratulations Sister Carla and Board!! Sy Johnson, a native O’odham, has been conducting Horse Camps for young people for 10 years. This year, he conducted another successful Camp on Kitt Peak. I was privileged to take part in the Camp Activities. The young people learn strong values, native customs and traditions, as well as a sense of discipline and responsibility. Also, Sr. Carla and I prepared food for 3 days for a group of 45 O’odham women. The workshop, “Women Healing Women,” was very successful and the Holy Spirit brought much healing to the women who participated. I am very thankful to my Community for allowing me to have this experience and to Sister Carla for “showing me the ropes.” Between projects and some of the work, we took time to relax and bask in the beauty all around us! I give praise and thanks to God!

  5. After reading your comments I couldn’t help but smile. On Sunday I read that a fashion designer felt that crocs reminded him of ‘cow hoofs’ or bedroom slippers. (Not his choice of trendy clothing!)How appropriate to wear crocs in the company of O’odham ‘cowboys’ on a horse camp! Yahoo!

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