CYE: 2008 International Eucharistic Congress

by Sister Julie Ann on June 13, 2008

img_4092_0592.jpgThe Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity promised prayerful support to the Catholic Youth Expeditions (an energetic community of  Catholic youth from the Diocese of Green Bay and the Archdiocese of Milwaukee who reach out to hundreds of young adults and college students offering a fun and faith-filled camping experience) who are on their way to the 2008 International Eucharistic Congress in Quebec, Canada June 12-23.

img_4102_0602.jpgThe 2008 International Eucharistic Congress will be the assembly of the Church of Quebec hosting the Universal Church to celebrate the Living Christ. Its theme will be “The Eucharist, Gift of God for the Life of the World.

img_4113_0612.jpgThis experience of faith will be held in a festive atmosphere, with believers of all ages coming together from every part of the world. The Congress pilgrims will gather for a week of celebrations from June 15 to 22, 2008, at the “Eucharistic City” (ExpoCité) where most of the Congress events will take place.

img_4108_0607.jpgTo learn more about CYE click here

To gain daily insight into this celebration of the Catholic faith in Quebec and the whereabouts of these roaming campers follow their tour at

5 thoughts on “CYE: 2008 International Eucharistic Congress”

  1. It was such a neat day to spend with all of you and the 90 some junior high students! I pray that your journey continues to be safe; and that this time at the Eucharistic Congress renews each of you from within and without!
    Many blessings!

  2. Anna says:

    I had such a fun day at steppin’ right despite the rain. it was so much fun meeting other kids my age that were on fire for the Lord. I cannot wait to go back there next year!

  3. Blog reports from Canada read that the CYE troop continues to experience some rain, but is mostly on FIRE with all the good news they are hearing and sharing with each other. Anna, I am grateful that we met you at Steppin’ Right. May you experience many opportunities that bring you closer to God.

  4. Corrie says:

    I didnt see this blog until now! ah yes! good times!!! Praise the Lord!!! 🙂

  5. Corrie, thanks for checking us out. Peace and all good as you continue to proclaim the Gospel in Fond du lac!

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