I Really Like Advent!

by Sister Judanne on December 1, 2007

Advent is a celebration of time for me. I look forward to many readings, symbols, and the reaching out to others that confidently point to Jesus.  Clearly, Advent initiates the reliving of the Jesus – event within the Liturgical year. Advent is genuine, more real than all the shopping, foods, gatherings, that celebrate Santa, elves, reindeer and my many wants.

 Come Lord  Jesus,

 help me to read the signs of the Advent season.

Let me be a sign of hope in you.

13 thoughts on “I Really Like Advent!”

  1. In the stillness of this blistery night, Sister Mary Ann and I are blessed to be in the midst of five beautiful young women seeking intimacy with God and His Blessed Mother. They are a sign of hope to us. Jessica Powers poem “In Mary-Darkness” held a strong Advent message today–“I come upon earth’s most amazing knowledge: Someone is hidden in this dark with me.”

  2. Liz Boyd says:

    I really like Advent, too!

  3. Sister Kay Klackner says:

    I look forward to and enjoy this Advent season to ponder the realization that God has embraced us in love so much as to come to earth to dwell among and within us. I imagine what the events look like from Mary’s perspective. We are truly blessed.

  4. Advent invites me to think of our Blessed Mother Mary. Our country is in real need of her attention and December 8th gives us that invitation to ask her for help. I look forward to celebrating the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe next week. How our Mexican friends and neighbors celebrate with music, good food,and so many roses of love given at her shrines in her honor. I do love all the celebrations that are so much part of Advent!

  5. On this feast of the Immaculate Conception of our Blessed Mother we join in praying with Sarah and Angela, our postulants, who receive the insignia of St. Francis (a tau with Jesus hand covering that of Francis)this night. We pray that they may ever desire to imitate Mary’s complete self-giving as they continue to live with us in our Community.

  6. Advent:Week Two
    Believers have discovered over the centuries that the Promise of a Savior has been kept.
    Not speculating how God would keep his promise but waiting, pondering how God does make sense our of , uses valleys and hills, deserts and mountain peaks, as signs of His loving care.
    Waiting ……
    Pondering ……
    Showing hope by reaching out
    to others in need……
    All this is Advent!

    How do you see Advent?
    Come, Lord Jesus,
    help me to discover You
    in this journey of waiting,
    on this journey of living and forgiving.

  7. Sister Annette says:

    Today I attended the Hispanic mass celebrating/anticipating the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is very special to the Hispanic people, which was clearly seen by the beautiful decorations in our church, the tradition dress of the children who processed with Father and the Hispanic music during mass. The message of our Lady to Juan Diego and to us is that God loves us. His love is so great that His son has come to live with us. The readings at mass and the feasts of Advent are so full of this truth and this love. God continually reaches out to us that we may receive and love this return. Watch for HIm!

  8. Advent Week Three
    This time of Advent is cascading along. Where do the days go? So many unexpected people events cloud me – first, with persnickety and sullen faces but also some with gentle, grateful and caring hearts.

    God of all times and seasons,
    make us ready for the growing of Jesus
    in our hearts, homes, parishes and world.

  9. We, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity, began our Christmas Novena. (Yes, the time is cascading along.) Mother Generose composed this prayer long ago from liturgical sources. Her literary flair for poetry is equally evident in these traditional words that call us to remember…

    “O, blessed eyes that saw Him come at last,
    The Promised One.
    O, happy arms that held enfolded fast,
    The Eternal Son.
    O, heart that stored the memories of that
    So sweet, so stern-
    Teach me to ponder Bethlehem aright,
    To look and learn.”

  10. Sister Julie Ann and had a neat “Advent” experience yesterday as we shared with the students of St. Mary’s High School in Neenah, WI! It was the day before the last day of classes before Christmas break. The students were great, even though they were tired and very ready for a break they opened themselves up to us, our vocation prayer reflection, and small group discussions. I admired how present they were to the class while being very aware that Christmas break is almost here! They are a good reminder of how to actively wait in the present moment–which is where God comes to us!

  11. I’d like to second Sister Mary Ann’s reflections on our day with the faith community of St. Mary High School, Neenah. My memories seem to linger most at the peacefulness of walking around the tables in the cafeteria and in the hallways. As Sister Mary Ann and I distributed our colorfully winged paper peace cranes, we discovered the Lord in the look of wonder in many a welcoming face. Emmanuel.

  12. Advent — the coming of a powerless infant into the world renews our confidence that the power of nonviolence is greater than the power of violence and that the power of love is greater than the power of hate.

  13. Advent Week Four:
    Christ is born!
    God is with us!
    God will come again!

    He speaks to us in the silence of our hearts,
    through the Word
    and through the many expressions of His presence in others.

    Gracious God,
    Thank you for sending your Son!
    Let us each ‘birth’ Him in silent joy,
    Giving caring and merry exprression
    of hand and heart to family and friends.

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