The Saint Francis Band Lyrics

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity share The Saint Francis Band lyrics from the October steaming concert on Franciscanized World blog.

St. Francis

Let go of all your worries, let go of all your pain

I am here to love you, here to carry on your name

And the presence of the angels, that dance around your head, here to carry you across that great divide

And all those lonely years seem to up and disappear, like the answers to the mysteries of life


I swear I saw St. Andrews, and the sacred mother too

All those whispers carry through those golden gates, that are swing’n wide for you

And the eyes of the young, seem to reflect from where they’ve come, and the freedom as you board that train alone

Your heart beats like a cadence, as steady as a drum, keeping rhythm as the saints go marching on

Just hold on


Waiting on something, waiting on something good

Just keep praying, praying on something, praying on something good


No more suffering for you my love, or faith will see you through

Like a dream that we had, some were good and some were bad

St. Frances you’ll be home before the dawn

I remember on the day you died, the salty tears that soaked my pride, as I held on to the corner of your gown

Now in this ocean blue, like a movie rolls these waves of you

On bended knee I lay your ashes down

Just hold on


When your faith is gone, and we are tested

I said it’s all been done before

Said it’s all been done

All been done before

Cassidy’s Sky

If the only thing I do

Is make a better life for you

I’ve done my job

Pick you up when you fall down

Wipe away your tears

Quiet all your fears

Watch the days go by

Under Cassidy’s Sky


Take a trip around the world

Write the songs that we will sing

You smile makes this life worthwhile

From a father to a son

I pass it on

Then soon before you know

From a boy with his toys

To a man with big plans

You’ll take the car keys please

And then you’ll be gone


Take a trip around the world

Find a love to fill your heart

Have a family with children of your own

And then you start

To pass it on

To pass it


I folded all my cards

I never thought that I could win

And when I fell down on the job

They’d crack the whip again

I hear there is a passage

So way up North I go

I was hiding in the Refuge

Until the wind it blew


Float down to Jericho

Tell the freight man I am free

There he’ll have a ticket

He’s been holding just for me

Ever since I was a young boy

Never knew where I had been

Every time I’d think of settle’n down

They’d sell me out again


Yes there is a young girl

and one day she’ll be mine

Her beautiful name is Freedom

And that’d be mighty fine


Holding just for me x4




Holding just for me



The spaces inside my head, are filling up with thoughts of you. Your eyes will see sorrow, your heart will ache with pain, but the love it washed like rain. And it comes to wash you clean

It’s time I taught you everything I know, and then I’ll walk away. We can’t take these things for granted, for that we will be true, as our time begins to fade



And your life will fly in the blink of an eye

And you’ll twist and turn until you’re coming undone. You’re coming undone





If we live our lives like heroes, we do the best we can, lift the hearts of people, just by raising up your hands. From atop the highest mountain, you can hear the mighty roar, as the sky begins to thunder, and the rain begins to pour


{End Chorus}

And your life will fly, and your light will shine, and your life will fly, so let your light shine on

And then it all was worth the try