Sister Catherine Glim’s Call to Be a Franciscan Sister

Franciscan Sister Catherine Glim’s vocation story continues here. She celebrates 75 years as a Franciscan Sister of Christian Charity.

Franciscan Sister Catherine and Sister Marie GlimClick here to begin story. Thus, on the basis of this choice, her mother sent her to a girls Catholic High School, staffed by Sisters from Canada. One day when Evelyn was 15 and still a freshman, while sitting in the kitchen snipping beans, she asked her mother again if she could go to the convent, and Evelyn told her mother that if they didn’t let her go right away, she would start going to parties and date boyfriends. Her mother spoke with her father about it, and when her mother returned, she announced to Evelyn that she could go to the convent! Her mother said that her dad would get her the train ticket to Manitowoc. As she was just 15 and had never traveled alone before, she was apprehensive, but READY to act! Her mother said that when she got to the convent she was to contact her sister Marie, Sister Bernarda (already in our FSCC Community), and then ask to see the Mother Superior. So Evelyn walked to the train which took her to the main depot in Chicago where she boarded another train and rode all night to arrive in Manitowoc at 7:00 a.m. Her mother had instructed her to take a taxi to the Motherhouse. All this was a tall order for a young girl never away from home! Evelyn’s sister, Sister Bernarda, met her at the Convent. (Sister Bernarda had entered our Community when she was 21 years old and was a member of our teaching apostolate. She died in 1997.)

At the time of Reception into the Community, Sister expressed her wish to have her mother’s name (Catherine) given her, and to her great joy, she received the name, Sister Rose Catherine. (Later changed to Sister Catherine.)

Initially Sister Rose Catherine’s main apostolate was teaching. She taught grades 2, 3,&4 for ten years at Holy Innocents, Manitowoc; St. John’s, Antigo, WI; and St. John’s, Wellsburg, Ohio. For another four years she taught the upper grades at St. Joseph’s, Rice Lake, WI. Then came a year devoted to finalizing a Bachelor of Arts degree (Home Economics) at Fontbonne College, St. Louis, MO.

After that, for 21 years, she taught Home Economics, interspersed with other subjects and duties in the following places: Rosecrans High School, Zanesville, OH; Tennyson High School, Tennyson, WI; Xavier High School, Appleton, WI; Holy Name High School, Escanaba, MI; and Bishop Amat High School, La Puente, CA. The following year she was Dean of Girls at St. John Boarding School, Komatke, AZ.

Franciscan Sister Catherine Glim while doing ministry to Bishop WycisloAnother phase of Sister’s work was in the medical field. She was Executive Director of Education and member of the Board at Good Samaritan Medical Center, Zanesville; she was enrolled at Washington University, St. Louis, MO for two years, and took Administrative Residency training at St. John’s Hospital in St. Louis for another year.

Following that, she served in various positions for seven years at Holy Family Hospital, Manitowoc, as Administrative and Executive Vice-President, Acting President, and also V.P. of Mission Effectiveness. She was next called to serve as Coordinator of the Outreach Program at San Damiano Convent, Slinger, WI for 6 months in 1987; then received an assignment to move residents from the County Home into the Riverview Home at Kaukauna, WI. From 1989-91 she was Administrator of the St. Joseph Retirement community in West Point, NE. From 1991-94, she was Assistant/Receptionist to the Administrator at St. Paul Manor, Kaukauna, WI.

During the years 1994-2000, Sister was assigned to Holy Family Convent, Manitowoc, and served both as driver, and initiator and coordinator of the Holy Family Convent Tape Library. Following this, from 2000 to 2005, she was Local Director and homemaker at the Bishop Wycislo residence (accompanied by Sister Peter Stengl). From 2005-09 she became part of the Prayer Apostolate at Holy Family Convent, Manitowoc and co-post mistress and helper in the Convent. Currently Sister is still part of the  Prayer Apostolate, praying for the needs of the Two Rivers St. Peter the Fisherman Parish, and doing various assigned tasks.

Sister Catherine was always deeply immersed in the work of every apostolate to which she was assigned  and gave it her best efforts, which invariably led to other new and challenging roles. Sister set up and organized the new Home Economics departments at Rice Lake, Escanaba, and Appleton. Wherever she taught Home Economics she was the department head. “In a new school,” she says, “there was nothing there. You just had to do it yourself.” She remembers, doing special things when she was teaching Home Economics at Holy Name High School in Escanaba, MI, where she prepared with her Home Economics girls a tasty meal every month for the surrounding area pastors. She was always equal to the task!

Sister Catherine truly believes it was the Holy Spirit who guided, protected and strengthened her, and led her through all the challenging experiences of her Religious life!

Sister Catherine remarks that as a young girl from Chicago in the Postulancy she acquired a close friend, a girl from Antigo, WI, who is our Sister Peter Stengl. However, at the time of Reception into the Community, Sister Catherine was placed in a different “Crowd” because of being one day beyond the cut-off date. As the years went by, the two were assigned to work together at St. Paul Manor in Kaukauna in 1991. And in later years they were also co-workers together at the Bishop Wycislo residence; and recently worked in passing mail together at Holy Family Convent, and still today are good friends here at the Motherhouse.

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  1. It is amazing to read the varied talents, gifts and services of Sister Catherine. There seems to be no end to God creativity in calling each of us to serve in a variety of ways. It is good to read this and be reminded of the treasure of gifts we have in our sisters in community.

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