Lyrics: Ocean Mary by Peter Mayer

This May 2014, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity feature Ocean Mary by Peter Mayer. Find here the lyrics.
Ocean Mary

There’s a street in a river town

And on that street is Mary’s house

By the house is a deep ravine

And running there is a magic stream

Laughing over the sand and rocks

It runs the length of Mary’s block

Another mile to the riverside

And a thousand more to the ocean wide

Now, down in that ravine one day

By the water, Mary lay

Put her hand in the shallow stream

And Mary had a magic dream

She imagined that, inside her, stirred

All the waters of the earth

Every puddle, every creek

And every one of the seven seas

She could feel the fishes roam

In her fingers and her toes

And in her chest, the Gulf Stream flow

Now, ever since her dream that day

People say that Mary’s changed

But they sympathize when they suppose

It must be strange to be the ocean

She senses when the salmon swim

And hurricanes lick her skin Asia tickles her left arm

And the moon above tugs her heart

Her front is day, her back is night

She recollects the dawn of life

Tidal waves run up her spine

And lightning tingles when it strikes

She can feel the fishes roam

In her fingers and her toes

And in her chest, the gulf stream flow

And all this happened, so it seems

Because of Mary’s magic stream

But some will say that lakes and wells

And even rain can cast a spell

And every water drop you ask

Tells a tale of oceans vast

So careful when you take a drink

There’s magic in the kitchen sink

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