Lyrics: Maybe You Will See by Paul Koleske

This September, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity share Paul Koleske’s  Maybe You will See lyrics for your thoughtful reflection. Click here to learn more about Paul.


Maybe you will see, without getting broken down,
that the changes of the Spirit, are making their rounds.

Which way will they go?  Are you privileged to know?

So much of life is such a mystery, a mystery.


Sometimes late at night, when all is still,

I hear your loving voice enough to get my fill.

Lord  I crave this peace, that resides inside of me.

Please help me to release it, more easily.


Today I saw the sun, it was breaking through the clouds,

with a radiant beam of light, that said that you’re around.

Oh I love you Lord. I can feel it in my soul.

Please speak to me, I really want to know. I want to know.


As time passes, we all get closer to it.   

Our destiny reveals its path for us.

Are you moving closer to the road provided?

Are you growing in you love, faith and trust?


I can feel your power, saturating all things,

but peoples’ interference, creates an ugly sting.

God please heal us all. Help us manifest your love.

Come hold us ever closer. Come hold us ever closer.

Help us live your everlasting love, love…



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