Lyrics: Change of Soul by Robert K. Everest

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity share Robert K. Everest’s Change of Soul in a streamed Brazilian concert in preparation for World Youth Day. Click here for a free download of the song.

Change of Soul
music/lyrics ©1998 robert k. everest

life: it’s like a rainbow – the rain reveals the dream
you stop to watch the sun glow, but sun can’t stop the stream
looking through the old files, the closet holds the key
forgotten love and old smiles, come and set me free

big tears in this town for things that couldn’t last
i move for a mistrial for all that’s in the past

same thing as always – life laughs at me
i try to shake my tall ways, i’m living in a tree
and looking down on your house makes me feel a king
but losing sleep for your love just isn’t happening

big tears from this clown – life laughs at me
i move for a mistrial for all i couldn’t see

looking back on my life i put today on hold
’cause through a change in my life i’ll find my pot o’ gold
through a change of soul

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