Franciscan Postulant Mary Bettag cont.

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Postulant Mary Bettag shares more about her life and her to call to be a Franciscan. Find first paragraphs here.

After graduating from Roncalli in 2011 I came to Silver Lake to study theology and math. But I did a lot more than just study in these last four years (though I promise I did study). In fact, I was able to study abroad in Rome for a semester! In addition, I ran cross-country, got involved in campus ministry, and made a lot of good friends. I was even able to return to Colorado to work for a summer at a Catholic adventure camp doing all the things I love—climbing, hiking, goofing around with kids, and just being outdoors, but in a faith-based environment!

Franciscan Postulant Mary BettagHowever, I had sort of put the call I had felt on my heart on a back burner, but my daily contact with the Sisters from Chiara Convent did not let that remain the case for long. I couldn’t not consider my own vocation when I saw all of them living their vocations so beautifully (thank you Sisters)! For some reason, though, I looked at other communities, never at the Franciscans. But each time I found myself comparing those communities to this community, so I finally agreed to go on a discernment retreat in February. Suddenly, the call I had felt years ago came blazing to the forefront of my heart and mind, and things moved quickly from there. Who would have thought that six months later I’d be here, in Yuma, basking in the heat, and having a blast!

Even though I’m loving it out here, I look forward to returning to the Motherhouse come Christmas time, to get to know all of you. I also certainly want to thank each and every one of you for praying for vocations and for praying for me. I believe that it was your prayers that finally opened my eyes to see that the place to which God was calling me was not somewhere far away; it was right under my nose all along! So thank you for your prayers (and for your patience), I am SO excited to begin this new adventure with all of you!

Love and prayers, Mary