Teenager’s Christmas Album to Benefit Catholic School

by Sister Julie Ann on December 21, 2016

Franciscan Sisters were asked to share this announcement from Grand Rapids, MI…


A Catholic teenager creates a Christmas album of revered classics to celebrate the Blessed Birth of Jesus Christ. Abigail Winzer from Grand Rapids, MI, collaborated with veteran producer Michael Crittenden of Mackinaw Harvest Music Studio to produce Rejoice. International sacred music sensation Arsen Petrosyan contributed duduk tracks for “Silent Night” and “O Come O Come Emmanuel”, which give these familiar songs a new and authentic texture.  The duduk is an ancient instrument that is often referred to as the “shepherds flute” and when it is combined with Abigail’s celestial vocals, it produces an enthralling sound.


Abigail wanted to transport listeners back in time to the Nativity of the Lord.  Celtic musician James Spalink adds layers of additional old world instruments including the Irish harp, Irish flute and lute.

Abigail has pledged a significant portion of the proceeds to the music department at Muskegon Catholic Central High School in Muskegon, Michigan where she attends as a junior.  Here’s a link to the video O Holy Night. Here’s a link to the entire album for purchasing. ‘Rejoice’ is available on iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby, and Google Play, as well as many retail outlets. ‘Rejoice’ can also be streamed on Spotify and Apple Music, among over ninety music streaming sites.

2 thoughts on “Teenager’s Christmas Album to Benefit Catholic School”

  1. Sister Marsaia says:

    It was a delight to hear your “O Holy Night”, Abigail! You have a lovely voice and a simplicity, directness and sincerity that engages listeners. I am so impressed by all that you have accomplished and by your desire to share the Christmas message of Jesus! How wonderful that other gifted artists have joined with you to help create refreshing new renditions of beautiful carols. And you are benefiting others (students as well) in more ways than you can imagine!
    Blessings and joy be yours and all that is good, Abigail!

  2. Sister Theresa says:

    This is my favorite Christmas carol and your voice made it even more beautiful, Abigail. I appreciate the purity and simplicity with which you sang it. What a meaningful tribute to our Lord and what an inspiration to all who will hear it. Thank you for sharing your gift in such a generous way.

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