Postulants Review Sheboygan’s Reboot Live

by Sister Julie Ann on December 23, 2016

Postulant Megan reviews Sheboygan, WI Catholic Parishes recent Reboot Live Event.

Reboot Live was an amazing and Spirit-filled way to end the semester. The evening began with a visit to Sister Mary Teresa’s home. Her parents and siblings were extremely warm and generous in their hospitality. It was a blessing to be able to eat dinner together. Afterwards, we headed to Holy Name of Jesus Parish in Sheboygan where we met up with Sister Regina Rose. This truly was a wonderful surprise. We then heard music from Jon Niven and had an opening prayer with Archbishop Listecki before Chris Stefanick made his appearance. Chris Stefanick’s presentation was divided into two parts. The first session was an engaging explanation of the love story between God and man. The second centered on living out this love story in our daily lives through the Five Habits of Holy People.postulants-and-novice

We all enjoyed and learned from these Five Habits which included Love Yourself, Pray, Share the Faith, Friendship, and Reboot. While one of Colleen’s favorite parts was hearing about Chris Stefanick’s family through his pictures and examples. Shari was particularly drawn by the comedy involved throughout the presentation. She also liked how he shared the inspiring story of Blessed Chiara Luce Badano. She is the first person of generation X to be beautified which definitely provides hope for young people walking in holiness. Tricia believed the entire presentation was excellent and said it was difficult to pick a favorite part since the entire evening was so good. I definitely echo her sentiments, but admit I found joy in writing down some of his witty faith-filled quotes. Examples include “Your head is like a bad neighborhood – don’t go in it alone” and “2/3 of God’s name is Go!”stifanik-talk_sheboygan

We are all extremely grateful for this evening, and will definitely take this inspiration with us as we journey forward in formation.

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