Franciscan Sisters Welcome Postulants from OH and WI

by Sister Julie Ann on August 27, 2016

In the last few days, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity welcomed 2 postulants. Tricia is from Kimbolten, OH. Megan’s home is Shawano, WI. Franciscan Sisters Postulants Tricia and Megan

What happens next for Megan and Tricia? Instructions on religious life, personal prayer times and experiences of community life, ministry and study become important to their daily lives. Tricia and Megan will begin classes at Silver Lake College of the Holy Family on Monday, August 29, 2016. Franciscan Sisters Postulants Tricia and Megan back door

Indeed, you can expect Megan and Tricia to share more about themselves in the days ahead. Pray with us for others making steps to follow a call to be Franciscan Sisters. St. Francis and St. Clare, pray for us!

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23 thoughts on “Franciscan Sisters Welcome Postulants from OH and WI”

  1. annemarielom says:

    Our finest welcome to Tricia and Megan. We’ve been praying with and for you… and now you are here with us. Can’t wait to see what God has in store!

  2. TRICIA & MEGAN, WELCOME to YOU! God’s abundant graces & blessings be yours today & everyday! WELCOME to Silver Lake College also! Pax et Bonum!

  3. Welcome Tricia and Megan!!! It is wonderful to have you journey with us as Postulants!!!! Count on our prayers from the west; your names are written in our prayer vase next to Jesus in our Chapel here at San Xavier!

  4. Blessings to both….but especially our dear Megan!

  5. Sister Carla says:

    Megan and Tricia, we are blessed by your presence with us. Welcome! I look forward to meeting you in person next summer.
    You are in our prayers.

  6. Kelley Zimmer says:

    So proud of Tricia, I know that getting to this point has been quite a journey for her. Will keep both Megan and Tricia in my thoughts and prayers as they begin this wonderful adventure!

  7. Stephanie Fairchild says:

    God bless both postulants! Lots of love form Cambridge, Ohio!

  8. carrie johnson says:

    we are so very proud of Tricia! we will pray for her on this journey in life. To inspire all those around her and to bring all closer to God

  9. Cindy says:

    God Bless your journey.

  10. Therese Ng says:

    My prayers with both of you

  11. Susan Beechnau Martin says:

    So happy for both of you! I am praying for you. ~~~ Sister Monica’s mother.

  12. Sister Marcolette Madden says:

    Megan and Tricia, we are thrilled you have come to enter the journey toward God with us. May the days ahead be blessed with love and support, with openness and joy. Tricia, I’m from the “Buckeye” State as well, from Mingo Jct., Ohio.

  13. Sister Theresa says:

    It is so good to meet you in the hall and see you in chapel and the cafeteria after all the weeks of anticipation of your acceptance and arrival! Blessings on you and thank you for the gift you are to our community.

  14. Sister Nancy Kinate says:

    Welcome and all-GOoD to you both as you begin your walk with us. I am thrilled you are here. Pax, Sister Nancy Kinate

  15. Sister Ritarose says:

    God bless you Trisha and Megan. We are so happy you are joining us and I wish you the best. I may see you around the College.

  16. Sister Lorita Gaffney says:

    Welcome, Tricia and Megan! Will look forward to meeting you!

  17. Sr. Delores says:

    Peace and all good, Megan and Tricia! We send prayers and blessings to you. We are happy for the two of you. Megan, thanks for joining us several times over the summer.

  18. Welcome Megan and Tricia. We are happy to have you join us. Hope to meet you soon!
    Sister Mary Kaye

  19. Sister Jan says:

    Welcome to HFC and SLC. I will look for you in the college halls.

  20. Sr. Pam says:

    What great news it is to have you begin your journey in religious life with us, Megan and Trisha! I do looking forward to meeting both of you and hope each day is full of great joy for you.

  21. Sister Kay says:

    Glad to have you with us! Blessings on all your new beginnings!

  22. Sister June says:

    Welcome to our Franciscan Community – God Bless you Sister June

  23. How wonderful to have you here. I will look forward to seeing you soon. May God bless you in the days ahead.
    Sister Rosangela

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