Franciscan Sisters Stream Women of Strength, Women of God Songs

by Sister Julie Ann on June 19, 2016

Throughout the whole summer, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity will stream songs on the theme Women of Strength, Women of God. Ashley Cleveland, The Innocence Mission and Nathalie Nunes  share a variety of music selections encouraging depth of heart, mind and soul.

In the Franciscan tradition, St. Clare of Assisi is a woman of God Mary and Elizabeth 15that modeled great strength. Words in her own letters to other women inspire us to grow in virtue today.

“The Lord himself put us as models to be examples and mirrors not only before others, but also before our sisters-those called by the Lord to our vocation-with the purpose that they in turn may be mirrors and examples for those who live in the world.”

Of course, Mary and Elizabeth encourage us to visit with open arms!

Tess Narcisco

Tess Narcisco collaborates with Franciscan Sisters of Christian CharityI wrote this song at a time when I felt so overwhelmed with all the changes going on in my life: experiencing a parent passing away, graduating college, and getting through my first year as a registered nurse, not to mention the stress all this change was putting on my relationships with people I loved. Growing up I learned to always ask God for guidance whenever I felt lost.  In writing this song, I noticed a feeling of relief, as if God was speaking to me through my own lyric.  ‘Hey there child don’t you feel alone….Don’t be afraid of the ride, it’s only just begun…You’re on a journey and it’s all a part of the fun!’ It’s funny because looking back on this lyric makes me smile.  Life couldn’t be more wonderful right now, and all I did was trust in God’s plan for my life on this earth.  What an amazingly difficult, exciting, and rewarding journey it has been!

Be Blessed,


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Ashley Cleveland

Website: Cleveland

The Innocence Mission

Website: http://theinnocencemission.comThe Innocence Mission

Nathalia Nunes

I include Libras (Brazilian Sign Language) in my live performances as a way of including the love of God to the deaf. I wish to show that there are no difficulties or barriers when we accept the unconditional love of God.

Nathália Nunes


Translation of lyrics:

I do not need to turn stones into bread to prove

What you’re in the desert

Taking care of me

From a high place will not fall

Just to demonstrate your power

I do not need to see phenomena to believe in you

Not change our fellowship

For the pleasure of winning

Palaces, riches

Like a desert

This will pass

So I’m resisting

And when my strength is running out

Your angel will feed me

Worship you this is keeping me stand up

I will not lose the war

Worship you among the temptations

It is more than strategy

I can not see tomorrow

But today I know

This desert will come to end

You’re taking care of me.

Nathália Nunes
Cantora de Música Cristã ContemporâneaNathalia NunesReflection

What are characteristics of a strong woman?


34 thoughts on “Franciscan Sisters Stream Women of Strength, Women of God Songs”

  1. richardschletty says:

    A trio of excellent artists telling of arduous journeys toward holiness and the light of God. Thank you for sharing these stories of strength.

  2. Mary says:

    The lyrics to Ms. Nunes’ song speak of not needing to ask for signs from God to know Him, to trust Him, to believe in Him. I think the reason for that is that He is already giving us those signs without our asking. God proves His love for us in all of the little miracles of life we so often take for granted. There are signs of God all around us if only we look – we don’t even have to ask.

  3. bea says:

    it was a beautiful song

  4. ec says:

    this song was beautiful. I love the way it sounded

  5. echosight says:

    The song the beauty in the curve brought light to the fact you may have a plan in life but every time you get this plan into action. something might happen and that’s the curve, and there is truly beauty and adventure in the unexpected.

  6. Arianna Frost says:

    This month’s song of the month is pretty awesome. How did you guys find it?

  7. CP says:

    Nice vocal quality!

  8. Someone says:

    It’s a very relatable song! I enjoyed listening to it.

  9. Luzette says:

    The song of beauty on a curve speaks the feeling of most people based on how we want to know where our lives are headed but life doesn’t work that way sometimes. That is really what is the beauty on a curve is all about. Beautiful song and meaning.

  10. Alexandra Garay says:

    This song captures ” the beauty in the curve” that God throws at us when we least expect it. The artist explains in the beginning that no matter how much one plans ahead or desires to have control over their life, Gods plan is what will ultimately be ones journey in life. Now all we have to do is have faith in his plan because fulfilling his plan for us will grant us true self-happiness.

  11. bea says:

    Beautifully written song- I think it has a message that can be applied to most people (if not all).

  12. I says:

    the song of the month was really reviving and it really shows what she feels she puts her heart on her sleeve and its really awesome that our lord has a huge impact in her life and she shows it through music.

  13. Jasmine says:

    This song was about God’s plan for you always finding its way to you. Even if it’s totally off from what you wanted, it might throw for a curve.

  14. Elena says:

    This song has a great message to the world. This says shows that anything is possible with the help of God our Father. Don’t give up because in the end God already has your back.

  15. MJ says:

    The song was interesting to say the least…. The message behind it was very important and relatable to real life. I also very much enjoyed the man’s guitar solos which were well-executed with the melody of the song.

  16. G.W. says:

    A strong woman stands up for what she believes in, even when others disagree.

  17. E.W. says:

    A strong woman goes to church even if her friends want her to do something else.

  18. D.W. says:

    She doesn’t hold grudges, forgives people and doesn’t seek revenge.

  19. J.T. says:

    She doesn’t judge others until she really knows them.

  20. A.T. says:

    She is happy with what she has.

  21. J.S. says:

    Respects all things, including herself.

  22. S.S. says:

    Doesn’t follow the crowd and is herself.

  23. M.R. says:

    Helps and teaches others about God and helps them grow in a stronger relationship with God.

  24. K.K. says:

    Stands up for her own beliefs.

  25. A.L. says:

    Speaks up. Is trustful. Is simple. Is forgiving.

  26. S.K. says:

    Believes in herself before she gives up on doing something.

  27. M.K. says:

    Takes time to talk to God in her busy schedule.

  28. K.K.. says:

    Wears what she chooses to wear in God’s way.

  29. I.G. says:

    Eats healthy and works out without depriving herself. She is kind and beautiful, but still healthy inside and out.

  30. Sister Marcolette Madden says:

    A strong woman is gentle, yet courageous.

  31. J.P. says:

    Prays, but includes some quiet time to listen to God.

  32. L.L. says:

    Is determined to reach her goals.

  33. A.T. says:

    Has confidence in every thing she does and accepts it when she is wrong.

  34. Sister Marcolette Madden says:

    “Beauty in the Curve” by Ashley Cleveland reminds me of our missioning process – how some assignments were a “surprise,” yet generated so many blessings. I love the line, “Don’t be afraid of the ride.” God holds us “in the palm of His hand.”

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