Franciscan Federation Celebrates 50 Years

by Sister Julie Ann on June 22, 2016

Recently, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity were invited to lead the Sunday Eucharistic music for the Franciscan Federation 50th Anniversary Celebration. The theme of the conference was God’s Love &Mercy.

Franciscan Sisters at Franciscan Federation Milwaukee WI5Held at the Milwaukee Hilton, the  Mission of the Franciscan Federation is to promote the exploration and study of Franciscan Evangelical Life and its implications for these ties and for the world. Franciscan Sisters at Franciscan Federation Milwaukee WI

The Federation provides national and regional opportunities to collaborate, gather and celebrate so that brothers and sisters can better live the Third Order Regular call to conversion, contemplation, poverty and humility.Franciscan Sisters at Franciscan Federation Milwaukee WI4


3 thoughts on “Franciscan Federation Celebrates 50 Years”

  1. richardschletty says:

    Looks like a wonderful music ensemble. Wht songs were sung? I went to a Catholic grade school. SSND sisters taught me how to sing and keep time by moving my arm up and down like a lever, elbow resting on the top of my wooden runner desk.

  2. Sister Julie Ann says:

    In Christ Alone, Canticle of the Sun, Creation Mass, In Perfect Charity…
    May you continue to sing and play, Richard!

  3. annemarielom says:

    What a great memory of the Federation’s 50 Anniversary. Making music with this group is a joy!

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