Camp Franciscan 2016: Women of Strength, Women of God

by Sister Julie Ann on June 17, 2016

Camp Franciscan 2016 carries through the theme: Women of Strength, Women of God. Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity host 59 campers. Along with a strong Sister-staff volunteers, 26 camp leaders are also assisting with camp activities. Add 10 other adults who are helping as chaperones for long distance travels and camp session helpers. 6 priests are also assisting with sacramental needs.

We have a lot of company! We love it!Franciscan Sisters Camp Franciscan 2016leaders

Campers are from 5 states, 7 (arch) dioceses, and 24 parishes. Some are relatives of our Sisters or from places where our Sisters serve throughout the United States. Others are friends of other campers or are coming for the first time because of hearing about it from a pastor, another parish member or through social media.Franciscan Sisters Camp Franciscan 2016 official photo

Follow our facebook page to see special moments. Click here. We’ll continue to post pictures long after camp is over!

One thought on “Camp Franciscan 2016: Women of Strength, Women of God”

  1. annemarielom says:

    Just had breakfast with three great young women from San Miguel High School, Tucson. I was inspired by their curiosity and love of life. Thank you, campers, for being with us this week.

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