Franciscan Sister Taught Spirit of the Rivers Artist

by Sister Julie Ann on May 4, 2016

Franciscan Sister Alice Thome is very proud of her former students. Recently, she took time to attend the open house of a Manitowoc, WI art studio featuring the work of internationally renowned artist R.T. “Skip” Wallen.

Franciscan Sister Alice ThomeBorn and raised in Manitowoc, WI.,  Skip attended St. Boniface Catholic School when Sister Alice was a teacher there.  He is currently working on Spirit of the Rivers, a 3.5 ton, 16 foot tall bronze sculpture to stand along the Lake Michigan shore midway between Manitowoc and Two Rivers. Completion is still about 2 years away. Other St. Boniface School classmates are very supportive of this hometown venture.

The project currently reveals  3 larger-than-life American Indian figures made from blue foam. The main focus is a young man carrying a birch-bark canoe. A young woman accompanies him and an elder welcomes the newly arrived couple.

For more information and pictures, see, or visit Spirit of the Rivers on Facebook.
Franciscan Sister Alice Thome was R.T. Skip Wallen's teacher

2 thoughts on “Franciscan Sister Taught Spirit of the Rivers Artist”

  1. annemarielom says:

    It is always a pleasure to see a connection between former student and teacher. I consider it one of the blessings of the profession!

  2. Mr. Walen, what a majestic sculpture & thank YOU for sharing your many talents especially in your hometown.
    Glad you could reunite & share with your former teacher, Sr. Alice Thome. Many memories to recall & thank God for the blessings!

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