Discerning My Franciscan Call Podcast: The Lord’s Garden

by Sister Julie Ann on April 15, 2016

As we anticipate World Day of Prayer for Vocations, Megan, accepted as a Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity Postulant in Fall 2016, reflects on her call to live the Franciscan charism through the prism of St. Therese of Lisieux.

Discerning Megan called to be Franciscan PostulantClick here to watch the video from our Called to Be Franciscan YouTube Channel.

We invite 20 Something Women to one of our upcoming Discernment events: fscc-calledtobe.org

3 thoughts on “Discerning My Franciscan Call Podcast: The Lord’s Garden”

  1. Sister Mary Beth Kornely says:

    Just this morning as I looked at one of the first roses blooming that we have in our chapel, I was thinking about where do the colors come from in all the various flowers and plants. Every flower color is so unique and beautiful, no matter what kind of flower it is. That uniqueness is part of God’s design. How lucky we are to enjoy the variety if we take the time to notice. Thank you for relating it to St. Therese of Lisieux.

  2. richardschletty says:

    I really like your analogy of flowers in the garden. A beautiful passage from St. Therese of Lisieux. God bless you and keep you warm and radiant.

  3. annemarielom says:

    Thank you to Megan for expressing yourself so warmly and clearly to our audiences and followers. Your expertise with this media is a real blessing to us.

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