Convent Opens Doors to Catholic School Students

by Sister Julie Ann on April 27, 2016

Franciscan Sisters toured Holy Family School, Green Bay, WI students at St. Agnes Convent. The sixth, seventh and eighth grade girls spent time with Sister Dorothy Wagner and Sister Ann Carla Baumann, while the boys had a vocation talk with a seminarian. Franciscan Sister Dorothy at St. Agnes Convent with studentsWith the girls, there was time for a video, and a project of making creative door hangings or bookmarks. This gift was sent to  our  sick and elderly Sisters at our Motherhouse. A  prayer service in our convent focused all things on the Lord.Franciscan Sister Ann Carla and Holy Family School Children
A few days after the event a sixth grader said that she enjoyed the time at our home. When asked what she enjoyed the most her response was, “Making something for the sick Sisters. Thank you for the experience.”

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  1. annemarielom says:

    Having shared Community Life for just a day to two with you Sisters, I can imagine this was a wonderful day for the girls with the Sisters and the guys with a seminarian. Creating something for someone else is a two-fold blessing. Thank you for your outreach.

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