Franciscan Sisters Return to Catholic Campus Ministry at U.W. Madison

by Sister Julie Ann on March 5, 2016

Franciscan Sisters look forward to Sunday Liturgy with St. Paul Outreach Students and Badger Catholics.   With the new St. Paul Catholic Center under construction, Sister Regina Rose Pearson and Sister Julie Ann Sheahan are anxious to see how students are adjusting to finding their way to St. James Catholic Church for Sunday liturgy. Sister Anne Turba will also relive her own memories of days in Madison when her father served the state in public service. Franciscan Sisters welcome St. Paul Catholic Campus Volunteers to St. Peter Mission 1

Our Sisters at St. Peter in Bapchule, AZ asked that we be on the look out for their friends that left an amazing impression on students and faculty alike. St. Paul Catholic Center student volunteer at St. Peter Mission School 20

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  1. annemarielom says:

    I am reading and commenting on this on Sunday, March 6. I hope you are having safe travels and a holy and happy evening. How wonderful to see the students at Madison being such a positive influence on others. God bless all involved.

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