Franciscan Free Song: Divine Mercy Flood My Soul by Annie Karto

by Sister Julie Ann on March 31, 2016

From NOW through April 3, 2016, Divine Mercy Sunday in this Pope Francis-proclaimed Year of Mercy, Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity collaborate with Annie Karto to offer a free download of Divine Mercy Flood My Soul.

Divine Mercy SundayJohn Paul II, who instituted the feast of Divine Mercy and died on the eve of the feast of the Divine Mercy, would smile in appreciation of this amazingly beautiful song-prayer! So exceptionally right for the richly blest feast of The Divine Mercy which we celebrate the Sunday after Easter. This is not a simplistic feast. It is a feast that takes us to the heart of our God, to Jesus the Son, Who came to understand and love and forgive all of us, if only we are open! -Sister Marsaia Kaster


Annie’s song says “…like a river flood my soul, wash me clean, make me whole…”

In our part of the world floods have been a recurring event of late. These floods do not wash clean, but rather clog their paths with mud. Our floods have not made anyone or anything whole, but have destroyed and torn apart homes and lives. Annie’s use of the flood image just reminds me of how God’s ways are so unique. He can take what is so often destructive and turn it into something life-giving. May God’s mercy wash over us in such abundance that it becomes a flood! -Sister Kathleen Murphy

About Annie Karto

Annie KartoAnnie Karto is an award winning Catholic singer/songwriter celebrating over 20 years in ministry. Divine Mercy has been Annie’s focus. She continues to share the “mercies of the Lord forever” through song and witness.

This Year of Mercy, Annie is releasing two new cd’s, Rise Up All People and Mother of Mercy. Annie and her husband Dave, have been married 34 years, and have 4 children and 9 grand children.


9 thoughts on “Franciscan Free Song: Divine Mercy Flood My Soul by Annie Karto”

  1. Sister Hannah says:

    The song Divine Mercy brings to my mind the image of a well. The well is our soul and Christ’s mercy is the water that fills it. His mercy is the water that fills us and makes the well of our soul vital and life-giving. Our soul, when flooded with Divine Mercy, becomes a well that people come to for spiritual refreshment. At that well, people draw a ‘water’ which sustains the life of the soul.

  2. Sister Renee says:

    The combination of keyboard, violin and winsome voice painted with sound the colors and sentiments of trust, mercy, & humility hallmarked in the Divine Mercy image. Refreshingly gentle, just like God’s mercy amid a spring rain.

  3. Annette Kurey says:

    The words of this song so rich and filled with promise, hope and love are so beautifully set to the calming melody. Thank you for sharing this gem.

  4. Sister Theresa says:

    Annie’s song offers us beautiful images of the overwhelming gift of mercy and love that God offers to each of us if only we are open and willing to surrender to His power working in our lives to transform us and make us whole. A powerful reflection as we celebrate the Feast of Divine Mercy on Sunday.Thanks for sharing, Annie!

  5. Sister Pamela Catherine says:

    We are so little and small before the Lord and yet we are the treasure of His heart. No matter what storms we face we can be assured that He is the constant figure, the absolute, unchanging presence in our life. It is in His mercy we find our completeness, we find our rest, our strength, our hope. Our lives are in a constant flux but He remains the same. Immerse yourself in His mercy, that is never changing, and there you will find your peace.

  6. Sister Rochelle says:

    “…wash me clean, make me whole…..” a true healing message for all who yearn for wholeness in the here and now….very beautifully presented— soothing and inviting, warm and gentle…..thank you!

  7. Sister Judanne Stratman says:

    Thank you for this gentle, prayerful gift, Annie is helpful in creating a space to be more ready for the grace of this Feast. Sister Kathleen’s reflection enhances the beauty and our need for the reminder of the power in Annie’s message.
    God bless all of you! Sister Judanne

  8. Sister Carla says:

    I really like this song. It is so prayerful and gently leads you to the heart of God. As I listened it brought me to the Chapel located on a mountain in Hereford, AZ. the whole front wall is a painting of the Image of Devine Mercy in very gentle colors. The eyes of Jesus meet yours wherever you sit and he just beckons you to come to him with trust. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  9. annemarielom says:

    I really enjoyed reading our Sisters reflections on the song. Thanks to all for sharing their insigths!

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