Franciscan Sisters Facilitate St. Albert’s Fireside Chat

by Sister Julie Ann on February 25, 2016

Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity were guests at a recent fireside chat at St. Albert’s Newman Center, Houghton MI. Postulant Mary Bettag and Sister Regina Rose Pearson led by sharing their own personal call stories.  All were encouraged to pay attention to that which you love and enjoy. God uses even our smallest desires and our own dreams for ourselves to build on a future even more awesome than we can imagine. Sister Anne Turba and Sister Julie Ann Sheahan  also joined the conversation. Franciscan Sisters walk in Michigan near Lake SuperiorOther topics included:

  • What is the charism of your Franciscan Community?
  • How do religious live in a spirit of reconciliation with each other on a daily basis?
  • Could you explain a bit about what spiritual motherhood really is?
  • Do married couples have moments of cold feet before making a commitment or does this happen only with priests and Sisters?Franciscan Postulant Mary Women's night St. Albert's Houghton MI

Temperatures were spring-like, but there was significant snow.  Travel was wet, but not slippery. Weekend action also included checking out melting winter carnival snow sculptures i.e. ice chapel, Women’s night, participation at St. Anne Parish Mass, Chassell, MI, hanging out for a bit at the Valentine dance at St. Albert’s and stopping at the Cathedral of St. Peter to pray at the tomb of Bishop Baraga. Click here for more pictures.Franciscan Sister at tomb of Bishop Frederick Baraga Marquette MI



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  1. annemarielom says:

    We Franciscan Sisters are always eager to be present in our neighboring state of Michigan. How wonderful that you were able to be there and share our story!

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