Franciscan Sister Honored with Alive in the Savior Award

by fscc on February 24, 2016

Franciscan Sister Mary Ann Spanjers shares about Sister Carla Riach being recognized for the Alive in the Savior Award in Tucson, AZ.

Franciscan Sister Carla receiving Salvatorian Award The Lord will work out his plans for my life”  Sister Carla Riach shared this at the Alive in the Savior Award where she was honored by The Diocese of Tucson Jordan Ministry, sponsored by the Salvatorian Congregation, for her years of ministry with the Tohono O’ odham people! It was a joy filled afternoon, joining the Franciscan Sisters from San Xavier were the Sisters from Casa Grande and Sierra Vista. Sister Natalie wrote a special tribute for the ceremony; in part, “Sister Carla is a living example of what the Year of Mercy proclaims. One needs only read the Scriptures especially the Gospel of Matthew 25,to know who Sister Carla is and what she does. Sister Carla is a blessing to everyone who meets her.”Franciscan Sister Carla with Oodham Elders
An Elder, Joseph Enos, a long time friend of Sister Carla, spoke and sang a special blessing song of the light of God, of hope!  Fr . Jeff Wocken, SDS, director of Jordan Ministry spoke of Sister Carla ‘s presence and ministry, echoing Sister Natalie’s message, “Sister Carla is a person of mercy and kindness, this is a deep abiding love of giving the gift of who we are to one another.”Franciscan Sister Carla and friars serving at San Xavier Mission
Among the many friends, parishioners and Native People who attended were all of the Franciscan Friars serving at San Xavier, Father Robert Rodriguez, pastor of St Rose of Lima in Safford, AZ and many of the Tohono O’odham Elders!Franciscan Sisters serving in AZ at Sister Carla's Award Ceremony
Sister Carla closed her remarks saying, “God, my Sisters, and the People– you have formed me and continue to form me!” Click here for more pictures.

6 thoughts on “Franciscan Sister Honored with Alive in the Savior Award”

  1. Sr. Carla, I was thrilled to see that you were awarded “The Alive in the Savior Award” after your MANY years of dedication & caring service to the people in AZ. THANK YOU & may you have many more years of service as you journey with others toward the Kingdom of God!

  2. annemarielom says:

    Knowing Sister Carla and seeing her “in action” several times, I happily congratulate the Jordan Ministry for their wise and inspired choice. Choicest blessings, Sister Carla, as you bask for just a bit in “a job well done”… and more than a “job”… a ministry of love and self sacrifice.

  3. Sister Marcolette Madden says:

    Congratulations, Sister Carla! Your ministry reminds me of a principle missionaries years ago were asked to honor: That missionaries (working with other cultures) are asked to keep in mind that they are “walking on sacred ground.” I have always heard that you appreciate, learn from, and build on the spirituality of the people with whom you are working. Thank you.

  4. Sister Theresa says:

    Congratulations, Sister Carla! Your ministry has always been an inspiration to me. You truly live the Gospel message with your whole being! May God continue to bless you and all the good you do in His name.

  5. Sister Adrianna says:

    congratulations Sister Carla. an award well deserved. Your ministry has been a generous one to all the people you serve. God Bless you each day

  6. Sister Sue Ann Hall says:

    Sister Carla what a blessing and grace God has given you and how well you have used it. Congratulations, Thank You And God Bless You! Sister Sue Ann

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