Franciscan Sisters Walk in Bi-National Migrant Posada

by fscc on December 22, 2015

Franciscan Sister Mary Ann Spanjers shares on a recent Bi-National Migrant Posada in Nogales, Mexico.Bi-National Migrant Posada in Nogales, Mexico Mary and Joseph at border photo by Franciscan Sister Mary Ann Spanjers

More than 2,000 years ago, Joseph with Mary at his side, pregnant and about to give birth to her Son, Jesus, journeyed to Rome to register in the Census as the Emperor had ordered. Being poor and under these conditions they experienced the suffering that today’s migrant’s experience: outside their homeland, without a home, without a place at the Inn, without money, without any type of security and seeing as their only choice to stay with the animals.But…such a precarious situation, why celebrate it?
That which happened 2,000 years ago, we remember with veneration. And we celebrate, God-with-us.Bi-National Migrant Posada in Nogales, Mexico Mary on donkey at border photo by Franciscan Sister Mary Ann Spanjers
But not only in Jesus, but in all flesh, most especially in the humanity of the most vulnerable, like the immigrants, who are fleeing from the violence, the misery, the lack of work, curable illnesses with no vaccine, and debt. And in Mexico like in the U.S., there are borders of all kinds that want to stop their arrival.Bi-National Migrant Posada in Nogales, Mexico of Bishops and religious with Mary and Joseph photo by Franciscan Sister Mary Ann Spanjers
The Sisters Leonette, Monica and Mary Ann joined over 200 pilgrims from various countries who made the two mile pilgrimage Posada along the U.S. Mexican border into Nogales, Mexico with Mary and Joseph along with Bishop Gerald Kicanas, of the Tucson Diocese and Bishop Jose Luis Leopold Gonzales, of the newly formed Nogales Diocese in Mexico. The stories, prayers, singing and people made this a profound experience for all. The Posada concluded to the Kino Border Comador/Soup kitchen (the Jesuit place of food and refuge for migrants in Mexico) where the pilgrims were welcomed.


4 thoughts on “Franciscan Sisters Walk in Bi-National Migrant Posada”

  1. Sister Leonette Kochan says:

    For me, the Posadas experience raised disquiet in my heart and the challenge of processing the realities of those with whom we walked and prayed. Let us pray for mercy, compassion and peace.
    Sister Leonette Kochan

  2. Walking with people from so many different places together in prayer was a profound experience of Church; Jesus was in our midst, within each of us calling us to find a way to be united to reach out to each other especially so many in such desperate need. It was a pilgrimage of HOPE.

  3. Sister Carla says:

    Thank you Sisters for representing our community in this special event.

  4. Sister Kay says:

    I appreciate your willingness to “be the Franciscan flesh” at this event. Blessings on your many endeavors to be with the poor in our midst.

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